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Learnability Quotient

“Can you measure learnability? 

The Manpower Group has developed a web-based visual assessment to individual each individual’s Learnability Quotient (LQ). Results are expressed via three dimensions: 

  • Adventurous – the intrinsic desire to explore 
  • Intellectual – the motivation to learn 
  • Unconventional – questions the status quo. 

The score indicates an employee’s agility and level of motivation for self-development which also allows an organization to make decisions around development.” – in the Modern Workplace Learning in 2018, an ebook by Jane Hart

So I did the assessment on:

My results: “Thinker. Free Spirit. Thrill Seeker”

Character Strengths

Based on this scientifically proven, online test by the VIA Institute @VIAstrengths I have done, here are below my top strengths.

rotana ty learning character strengths test via character


As suggested by my learning partner and friend, Luis Suarez @elsua, I also did the StrengthsFinder Assessment brought by the Gallup Center, here are my top 5 strengths.

rotana ty learning strengths self-assessment gallup center

Bottom Line

Self-assessements are useful to get to know me better, and somehow having data and patterns on why and how I am / become what I am inside and outside the workplace.

What are the science and the approaches behind the curtail of those self-assessment tools, though? I wondered when I did these self-assessments tests.

What matters to me is to share how I am and become a modern professional learner:

“If you are looking for an example of #LOL (Learning Out Loud) and what it’d look like, look no further than this stupendous read by @rotanarotana So much to learn in that piece alone! #WOL” — @elsua

“Keeping a journal also allows you to read back to get perspective on your life, and recover ideas and attitudes from your younger self that would otherwise likely be lost.” — @rossdawson #WOL #LOL (Learning Out Loud)

How about yourself? What does your learnability look like? How do you become a modern professional learner?

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