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As I did for February 2018, I revisited my Twitter stream for the switch between Winter and Spring. Below this is what I have spotted from my learnings on my own and with interesting people. I also include few thougths to trigger your curiosity and reflection.

On Italy & Food

Cultural Festival: 5th Edition on the Italian food culture that I discovered while I was enjoying a lunch at Pizzeria Dei Cioppi, Paris, France. Keen to go in April 7th-9th 2018 at Bastille Design Center.

On Innovation

Innovation really is about solving a problem – an anticipated problem, not necessarily a problem that people are currently having” — @JenniferSertl, Founder & President, @Agility3R #Sibos

Solving a Delicate Puzzle: Merging engineering with medicine, doctors are using three-dimensional printed skulls to prepare for surgery, assist in medical education and to practice techniques. via @pammoran

“Despite our ability in medicine to classify patient conditions and thus determine general management strategies, each patient is unique,” Lobb said. “By producing a 3-D model that reflects the patient’s unique anatomy, the operative plan can be tailored to the patient in a way that is not possible to do in the operative setting, where factors such as soft tissue exposure, blood loss and operative time all have to be accounted for simultaneously.

“He is optimistic that one day, custom organs will be printed for transplant…”

Creating artificial organs that may repare and augment humans: is it emerging?

On our emerging world & what is left to us?

Essential illustrations and memes: Futurist Gerd Leonhard. Some visuals are great.

More on Gerd’s book ‘Technology vs Humanity’ that I intend to dive deep.

Futurist Gerd Leonhard Essential Illustrations 2018

Futurist Gerd Leonhard Essential Illustrations 2018

Futurist Gerd Leonhard Essential Illustrations 2018

What is left to us? 

Creativity and going slow?

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir via @tmiket


“Be it alone or with peers, reflection is our professional daydream time; the stillness needed to put the pieces together, to expel the nonsense and make sense of what and why we do what we do – its part of the learning equation” — @britz


“It’s about creating the right type of ‘conversation space’ for these personally or professionally meaningful conversations (& learning > relationships > behaviour change) to emerge.” — @tanyalau

Connection & Cooperation?

“So we are hardwired to cooperate & hardwired to connect because these two ‘hardwirings’ allow us to survive & thrive. The evolutionary arc from simplicity to complexity in our behavior is underpinned by the transition from surviving to thriving.” — David Amerland

Skills development?

“To develop skills such as problem-solving, teamwork & independent research, give your employees a range of tasks to complete. Think of tasks that relate to their role, & discover new ways for that to be done.” — We the Talent

“Bugs or Features? BIG difference… Humans will always be a system bug, as our moral & ethical compasses are so easily tampered with… #power#control#wealth#gratification#ego Hence #futureskills need to focus on strengthening our resilience by relearning core #softskills” —  @simbeckhampson

Which top core soft skills are needed to be relearned?

“Here’s a comprehensive list:; UNESCO research in 2015 identified the following 21C skills needed for students to ‘survive and overcome’: Personal Competencies – Initiative ability – Resilience – Responsibility – Risk taking – Creativity 1/3

“Social Competencies – Team work – Work in a network – Empathy – Compassion Learning Competencies – Management – Organisation – Meta-cognitive capability – Tolerance to failure The skills noted by the WEF in 2016 (Future of Jobs): Critical thinking Creativity People Skills 2/3

“Coordination with others Emotional intelligence Judgment and decision making Service oriented Negotiation Cognitive flexibility Resolution of complex problems Relearning is perhaps the wrong phrase; what I mean is, these are the skills that need strengthening 🙂 3/3” —  @simbeckhampson

I have reflected on the WEF skills list lately based on experience and research. Here is my observation and take.

hard skills are really temporary skills — soft skills are permanent ones” —  @hjarche

“one day, we’ll do amazing things by mixing HR & business data but I think “Moneyball-style HR” is not for tomorrow or even the day after, most of all until we can relevantly turn soft skills into data.” @bduperrin

@write2tg: So it is about moving from classroom training to modern workplace learning. Modern Learning Advisors would enable & support individuals to organize & manager their own self-improvement & self-development. Source of the screenshots: ‘Modern Workplace Learning 2018‘ ebook by C4LPT” —  @rotanarotana

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rotana ty modern professional learner jane hart book

Earth exploration?

“The Peel Sound and its ice is now behind us. A new journey begins, as the sun sets again and that we need to hurry toward Bering Strait to avoid the storms that rage in September. Will we make it to the other side on time?” Under The Pole

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  2. […] As I did for Spring, below is what I have spotted from learning on my own and with interesting people. […]

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