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“And, after all, we now live in a global world. So, learning more and broadening your approach will likely help you find more creative solutions, build a stronger business and possibly even find more fulfillment in your work and your new role –business leader.” — in the Entrepreneur

We live in an age of collective learning and connection. It can be easy to get to know each other. It is the same for collaborating and cooperating on meaningful and impactful projects.

For doing so, it can takes insights and instigators. Serendipity and synchrodipity. Persistence and reverence. Trust and uniqueness. All starts with curiosity, too.

What I have learned from my work and learning journey so far:

I hanged out with different global remote teams for doing projects. I have learned from and with different hungry and curious minds. Learnabilities and cultures.

I have learned from different innovation approaches, not the only ones that prevail in our world and in France and Europe. In the names of design thinking and lean startup.

I widen my perspectives on entrepreneurial constraints, possibilities, policies and mindsets. Innovation approaches and practices. I can build my own cornucopia. When it comes to reinvent myself and imagine the possibilities together. To solve global problems.

I can go beyond one method, approach, framework, process. Systems thinking, design thinking or any other innovative approaches I don’t know yet. I can mix up different innovative and modern workplace learning approaches. I can shape my own and collective cornucopia.

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Discover more about my journey through these reflective blog posts based on my experiences:

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How do you learn from different cultures and entrepreneurship in our modern world?

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