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As I did for Spring, below is what I have spotted from learning on my own and with interesting people. I also include few thougths to trigger your curiosity and reflection.

Do you know the Under The Pole Expeditions?

You can dive deep into their adventure through their Youtube channel.

“C’est sur une eau parfois déchaînée que nous naviguons poussés par le vent. Plonger dans cet élément offre des découvertes scientifiques majeures et nous dévoile une belle biodiversité #WorldWaterDay #EveryDropCounts #JourneeMondialeDeLeau ©photos: Franck Gazzola / Under The Pole” — @UnderThePole

On Global Industry

I went this week to the Global Industry Fair at Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, France. It was interesting to hear and learn from perspectives from Industry in an era of robotisation, automation and interactions between machines, between machines and humans.
I heard through conferences perspectives on:

  • How machines (cobots) are interacting between them, and more and more without human intervention, especially in factories and in healthcare.
  • How organizations in transportation develop immersive learning through simulation, AR and VR for their employees and customers.

I will share more thoughts and my observations for each conference through upcoming blog posts.

It was also interesting to visit and be immersed in a connected factory, that was replicated inside an hall of that fair. We can observe how machines and robots are used heavily in factories, now. Photos below are shot by me.

On America

“The Wire, 10 years on: “Their view was from the inside out, not from the outside in. They knew the stories & the characters 1st-hand. I think The Wire really tore the cover off an American city and showed that, for so many ppl, the American dream was dead” — in the Guardian

I watched this great TV Show a while ago, and intend to watch it again. I also enjoyed David Simon‘s work through another TV Show: Treme.

Another way to understand America is through his past and the movie, Hostiles, that I highly recommend:

“Hostiles” itself wants to be both a throwback and an advance, not so much a new kind of western as every possible kind — vintage, revisionist, elegiac, feminist. What makes the movie interesting is the sincerity and intelligence with which it pursues that ambition, heroically unaware that the mission is doomed from the start. — in the New York Times

I highly recommend the film score produced by Max Richter.

On Africa

Another great and joyful movie to watch is also Black Panther if you haven’t yet.

“Another writer, Roye Okupe, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. After graduating from George Washington University in 2009, he created YouNeek Studios, a line of self-published African superhero graphic novels, including “E.X.O.” and “Malika: Warrior Queen.” Okupe said “Black Panther” has an opportunity to show mainstream viewers that there are ways Africa can be portrayed aside from the usual war and corruption. He said he hopes that after its success, “people around the world writing stories like this about Afro-futurism, high-concept fantasy stories based on African culture and African mythology, can be given an opportunity to pitch to movie studios, pitch to TV networks,” Okupe said. “It’s not just about shoving African-ness into your face. It’s showing the different side of a culture that you don’t necessarily get to see all the time.”— in the Washington Post

Wakanda, une Afrique du futur

Black Panther peut être considéré comme la première super production afrofuturiste de l’histoire. L’afrofuturisme émerge comme mouvement culturel et esthétique (littérature, musique, arts plastiques et visuels, mode) dans la seconde partie du XXe siècle. Il « combine science-fiction, techno-culture, réalisme magique et cosmologies non européennes, dans le but d’interroger le passé des peuples dits de couleur et leur condition dans le présent » (Achille Mbembe) et dans le futur.

Tandis que la vogue afro-futuriste s’est progressivement diffusée aux États-Unis via des artistes musicaux plus grand public comme Erikah Badu, Missy Elliot, Janelle Monae ou encore plus récemment Kendrick Lamar, elle s’est aussi étendue ces dernières années au continent africain. L’afro-futurisme a été adopté par les artistes africains aussi bien dans la mode, avec les créations de la Sénégalaise Selly Raby Kane par exemple, que dans les arts visuels, avec des artistes comme Lina Iris Viktor, David Alabo ou Milumbe Haimbe. Les artistes nigérians ou des diasporas nigérianes ne sont pas en reste, notamment dans le domaine du comic book avec par exemple l’équipe très dynamique de The Comic Republic, productrice de nombreux super-héros. Peu étonnant que tous vivent leurs aventures à Lagos, capitale économique du Nigéria présentant elle-même une forte esthétique futuriste.”  — in the Conversation

The ‘Black Panther’ Production Designer, Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970) shares gorgeous set photos via Twitter. There are collected here. Here are some of my favourites:

Okay, one more! Another Favorite #RTF #BlackPanther #chinchilla1970 Fly to #Wakanda in style! — Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970) 25 February 2018

And one more! A room fit for a Princess! My favorite set! Princess Shuri’s Lab in the WDG. #BlackPanther #chinchilla1970 #productiondesign — Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970) 22 February 2018

I’m gonna share a couple pics I snapped of the sets, M’Baku’s throne room, T’Challa’s office and Hall of Kings in Necropolis. Proud of the hard work this team put in to everything we did. #BlackPanther #chinchilla1970 #productiondesign — Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970) 21 February 2018

On Patterns

I find inspirations and develop my curiosity through many habits. One of them is: going to technological and/or art exhibitions.

Palais Iena, in Paris, France, hosts until April 1st 2018 a beautiful exhibition on the works of decoration specialists: ‘AD Matières d’Art‘. It was a treat to go slow, to observe work of interior designers and architects, patterns and grids, paintings, and this great national and modern monument from the inside.

I took some photos.

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