Working out loud and learning out loud circles can work if:

  • People build on each other ideas.
  • People know who to hear and jump in with valuable insights, experience, thoughts and resources while knowing how to work and learning remotely together.
  • People know how to use third places for doing so and are digital proficient.

Participating and contributing to learning circles – with or without facilitation – are meaningful ways to actively forge my own insights and knowledge of different industries, cultures, work and learning practices. In this way, I can use what I have learned to advance a project, nurture a new artefact and keep alive my ceaseless curiosity.

I believe that people are very capable of learning together and from each other, without facilitation. Sometimes people need guidance or a little push to participate in circles instead of hearing and observing peers only. I see how different ways are done for facilitating or not circles cost-effectively.

For the circles without facilitation, just pick Parisian cafés to hang out with every week and run the circles. The only thing to do is to sit, talk and buy a drink. What is also valuable is exchanges outside/after the circles.

For the circles with facilitation, bring onboard like-minded and self-directed learners/doers, and let the professional facilitator does what he does well. Of course, it involves a personalized toolkit to enable face-to-face and online circles. It also implies to make sure that people are comfortable with collaborative and communication tools through a personalized and online doing session.

How do you engage yourself in professional networks and communities to develop yourself and collectively?

“Engagement skills are a core skill family for all community roles — without engagement fundamentals, it is impossible to understand or influence communities.” — @TheCR

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