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“Unlike courses, workshops, or conferences, coaching is completely focused on your needs. Particular areas of focus are any of the various topics discussed here, such as:

  • Networked management & leadership

  • Nurturing a learning organization

  • Finding communities of practice

  • Knowledge networks

  • Personal knowledge mastery

  • Social learning strategy” – @hjarche

I still believe that coaching is an activity that humans can do, mostly. I wonder if it can be done by humans and machines, though. I discovered lately via the startup’s Station F ecosystem that there is now an HRTech platform for coaching executives: The Place to Coach. It combines ‘algorithms and humanity’. They intend to help you find the right certified coach to develop your leadership and be connected to your purpose as an executive of a large corporation, a business school or a public institution.

I still believe that coaching is a human-centred activity and will still be with using machines for doing so.

How do we become leaders of ourselves to lead a project or an organisation? How do we take responsibility or ownership of that?

How do we move from command and control, to obedience, and encouraging and supporting people in their work and learning journey?

How do we foster a culture of continuous peer feedback, iterations and improvements?

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