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“I am swimming in a mental ocean here on @twitter and gathering the most beautiful sea shells of collective intelligence. #ci #a3r” @JenniferSertl

On Cooperating & Collaborating

We are the sum of our interactions, our experiences, with others.” — @hjarche

 “We live in a network society. It is now possible to find mentors, fellow seekers, or knowledge catalysts in almost any field. The only constraints are time and some guidance.” — @hjarche 

Whatever you do, make it shareable.” — @hjarche

Utilise the genius of your people to teach peers by creating modern learning ecosystems that embrace cooperation & collaboration. Just do it.” @simbeckhampson

Being cooperative is harder. Cooperation is working transparently and adding collective value when no one is watching. Trusting that your contribution will be helpful, even if how and to whom is unknown. A facet of #WorkingOutLoud. #WOL” @BenCpdx

 “Narrating your work for awareness with your colleagues or network is working out loud #WOL & @leebryant highlights it’s importance. I like it, it’s sharing what you are doing, what you’ve learned. Could be a tweet, blog, video or so much more. #LTSF18 #t1s3” @LighbulbJo 

On [Re]Designing Learning

“Machines #AI widen inequalities regarding IQ of people. Workplace learning & education have failed to augment IQ of humans #EuraTechDay #etd Ain’t no #edtech to upskill blue collars, now. Does a Montessori education need to be reinvented for that? asks @dr_l_alexandre” — @rotanarotana

Montessori, Steiner, that direction, for sure, imo. Also look at where humans come out of the system with the most balance and ambient happiness, then build that into it too, ie. Denmark – thanks for sharing your #EuraTechDay posts, chat later :-)” @simbeckhampson

On Organizations, Creativity & Work

[In the context of the World Soccer Cup] “The England team showed that you can lead and compete while still being decent, respectful and humble – and that an ego isn’t necessary…. hope we start to see a lot more of that in organisations” @workessence

“In the midst of change we often discover wings we never knew we had.”   @Ekaterina

“Still, it took me a year or two to realize that while society seemed to be pressuring me work more, that my secret sauce was working less. And it’s not always working less, but giving myself enough time to process, or as I like to call it, percolating. My best ideas weren’t coming in front of a computer, but while walking down the street, swimming, or literally making connections in the metro. These days I’m appreciative of my AppleWatch which reminds me to stand up every hour, because sitting at a desk all day is not healthy either.” — @pretavoyager

On The Value of Slow & Depth

“Powered by the commute to work and smart speakers, the resurgence of the podcast, longer form, real-life, unscripted and conversational – surprising and satisfying in equal measure” @DT

“The high value put upon every minute of time, the idea of hurry-hurry as the most important objective of living, is unquestionably the most dangerous enemy of joy.” — Hermann Hesse HT @MaryAnnReilly

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