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1. “Hyper-collaborative organisations need people with hyper-cooperative behaviours… Image: @gapingvoid” — @simbeckhampson


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What if ‘work culture’ looks like working and learning out loud, collaboration and cooperation, co-creation and autonomy?

What if failing, working and learning together – privately and out loud – would be FTW for all?

2. Introducing Interaction Value

“As organisations involved in digital development are becoming more networked, understanding interaction value is increasing in importance. Not every organisation has a fully operational, end-to-end, digital strategy capable of measuring interaction value at this point in time. This is an emerging and pioneering practice but, crucially, it is one very specifically grounded in establishing a direct connection between the purpose and practical activities of organisations and how digital interaction is powering value.” — @Annemcx HT @elsua

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3. “True! Sadly many orgs are still superimposing old ways of operating on to the new tech.” — @sahana2802

“you simply can’t have one (a vibrant, open networking workforce) without the other (an operating model that supports and encourages vibrant, open networking). New tools used in new ways require a new way of operating.” – @britz

What does your new way of operating look like?

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