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The Art of Doing, Doing the Art

The exhibition ‘The Art of Doing, Doing the Art’ from December 20th to January 22nd, 2019 at the Cube, digital creation center in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Paris, was done in collaboration with the Cube School Fellows from the Agile Project Management Program, and Maflohé Passedouet, scenographer, Gilles Marivier, digital artist, and Pauline Couta, designer, Weydo Music.

Through the experimental and playful creation of a transmedia artefact, I was immersed with my team of three in the culture of makers. We adopted the posture of an artist, and we collaborate to give the shape of a transdisciplinary craft.

From visual and interactive digital arts to production, to the exploration of tiny electronics, the created original installations only need to be experimented to make the project fully meet its objective: to meet an audience.

The Artwork Together

With my team, I created the artwork ‘Together’. An immersive journey that walk you through the experience of the one and only cohort of the ‘Agile and Creative Project Management program‘ at the Cube between September and December 2018. The artwork reflects a desire to highlight the synergy of an unsual group who has woven strong ties through sharing, collaboration and professional development, unique and exciting moments, to show everyone how this program has allowed individuals to change their perspectives on the emerging world.

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Visitors guided in their journey by a voice discover the installation by appealing as much to their senses as to their intellect. Different sound and visual ambiences alternate to walk you through the experience, and this through the reappropriation and reuse of transmedia content, that were captured throughout these four months.

You can listen in French to the testimonials of the Cube School fellows, Julien Keita, campus manager of the Cube School, and Nils Aziosmanoff, president and co-founder of the Cube. If you can not understand French, stay tuned an English transcript will be available soon.

The Artwork ‘Together’ in a nutshell

Why Cube School, agile project management program, and done by who – by Julien KeitaNils Aziosmanoff, and the smart creatives

Cube School pedagogy: thinking and doing within the emerging world

Projects done by the smart creatives

Futures of possibilities by the smart creatives

Visitors of the artwork ‘Together’ have shared their feelings and feedback as they leave the showroom. With my team, we thank them kindly for their visit and their very touching words.

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