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Soft skills are human, permanent, and foundational by @hjarche

Soft skills separate humans from machines. They are permanent skills. For the past several centuries we have used human labour to do what machines cannot. First the machines caught up with us, and surpassed humans, with their brute force. Now they are surpassing us with their brute intelligence. There is not much more need for machine-like human work which is routine, standardized, or brute.

This requires a rethinking of how we categorize work, define jobs, attract and retain talent. It should be based on talent, not labour. It also means a rethinking of our entire education system. These permanent (soft) skills are not developed through standardized curriculum based on temporary (hard) skills. It’s time to take the long-term view on human work and learning. What was categorized as Labour is merely a temporary skill for market and technological conditions. Talent, or permanent skills, is our long-term value as humans to each other.

The Skills That Global Cosmopolitans Bring to the Table by Linda Brimm| INSEAD Knowledge

‘Global Cosmopolitans’ are building bridges with learnability, collaborating & cooperating with diverse people, timezones and cultures, develop humility & empathy. – via @kwooleyy

Six tips for working in an all-distributed team, or even partially-distributed one, from beginner to advanced, that are shared by @johnmaeda

  1. Choose async over sync whenever you can — but always 2-way.
  2. If you have to use Slack, make ⛺️🚩 tents as makeshift conference rooms
  3. Learn from YouTubers how to make sharable videos quickly.
  4. Have a beer-cake-kombucha list by which you can treat a teammate.
  5. When on a video call with a large audience, ask for cameras on and always call on folks by name.
  6. Use shared time as a surrogate for shared space by MTW-ing it regularly. 

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