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I continue the series of blog posts that share my weekly experience during the agile project management I have done at Le Cube, the digital creation center, near Paris. Week 1 was all about onboarding smart creatives / agile project managers. It was also all about:

Week 1: 3-7 September 2018: Wiring together through video production

Vincent Doubrere, founder of ICE Production and trainer of the video production workshop invited my peer group of 15 to form team of 6-7 peers to collaborate on the production of a professional video on what the best or worse job looks like to us. His pedagogical approach on video production was interesting and engaging during the onboarding week. It was based on:

  • Providing a space of for non-judgment and caring.
  • Participatory activities adapted to the needs of the fellow learners / agile project managers.

The first step was to brainstorm out loud together on the idea of the story we were keen to tell in a video. For doing so, we were sitting and standing in the makerspace of Le Cube to build on each other ideas and write down in a Google Docs the outlines of the story about the work futures – worse scenario or the crème de la crème one – in the context of megashift we would love to communicate through storytelling.

makerspace brainstorming innovation video production collaboration creativity rotana tyPhoto shot by Julien Keita

This daily workshop of 4 days had the intent to help the group of 15 peers / smart creatives to:

  • Get to know know each other.
  • Start collaborating together on a video production project with professional tools – analog and digital such as our own smartphone, Adobe Premier Pro, professional video producer tookit.
  • Adapt to each other mindset, skill set and behaviours even if whe didn’t know each other yet.
  • Share to Le Cube staff what our video looks like, and now-proof our tech, collaboration and creativity skills.

Below is the video a team of Cube School fellows co-produced on the work future – worst scenario in the context of megashifts they envision with humor and critical thinking.

Learning the basics of sketchnoting

One week after, my peers and me were asked by the professional sketchnoter, Barbara Govin, in small team of three to review the week on video production and collaboration through the creation of a sketch on a stickable giant post-it.

Before this output, we had an one-day workshop with Barbara Govin during the week 2 – from 10-14 September 2018 to practice sketchnoting and visual thinking. We learned through resources and the fundamentals of sketchnoting. The aim was to discover a method and its tools to formalize our own ideas, transcribe an event and stimulate collective intelligence. I think her pedagogical and practical approach is fun and efficient.

sketchnoting visual thinking workshop barbara govin creativity rotana ty

This guide on graphic recording from Anna Lena Schiller & Gestalten was highly recommended by Barbara Govin.

Review of the week on video production & collaboration

After that short and practical one-day workshop, here’s what we did:

sketching visual thinking onboarding video production review rotana ty
Here is Bart, my fellow agile project manager and peer, who was sketching with his team of three the review of the onboarding week on video production. Bart was part of my team of 6-7 smart creatives.

Bellow is another sketch from other teams. Sketches were scanned by Camscanner.

onboarding video production curiosity caring project management collaboration creativity sketch visual thinking rotana ty

Stay tuned for another blog post on this series related to the agile project management four-month program I did at Le Cube during Fall 2018.

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