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Meeting Codesign-it

I narrated my onboarding week at the Cube. All about digital creativity, collaborative video production and sketching to jump start the agile project management program with the ecosystem.

On week 2 from 10-14th September 2018, I met with my fellow agile project managers / learners, Cécile Roche Boutin, designer, curator and facilitator from Codesign-it at Le Cube.

As put on their Twitter bio, Codesign-it is:

“Label to promote and spread collaborative innovation design. An ecosystem of codesigners engaged in responsible and sustainable projects”

cécile roche boutin codesign innovation peer learning rotana ty

We discovered Codesign-it and its workplace through a learning expedition in Paris.

cube school codesign innovation learning expedition paris rotana ty

learning expedition paris codesign innovation rotana ty

We also went to their lab where smart boxes, 3D Printings and other tools for makers, fast pretotyping and prototyping can be done with customers.

prototype pretotype innovation codesign rotana ty

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prototyping pretotyping scenario planning innovation codesign rotana ty

Why learning and experimenting Codesign?

Part of the four-month agile project management program, the collaborative workshops from mid-September until December 2019 aims to test the codesign approach by participating in the design of a final collaborative workshop with Codesign-it senior facilitators and Le Cube staff.

innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty

The learning goals were also to:

● Develop our creative mindset
● Master creativity and collective intelligence techniques
● Stimulate creative synergy within a group: Codesign-it facilitators, Le Cube staff, my team of 5 facilitators / fellow agile project managers at the Cube School.
● Analyze contexts that promote creativity
● Learn to develop ideas and implement them
● Understand the attitude and emergent practices of facilitators.

Below is in French the approach that we used and that was brought by Codesign-it.

innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty

Here is what my co-facilitation of the final sprint / collaborative workshop on the organizational development of Le Cube looks like.

sprint codesign innovation collaboration workshop design codesign rotana ty

I designed, enabled and facilitated workshops and hackathons with my team of 5 co-facilitators and Cécile Roche Boutin, senior facilitator and designer at Codesign-it. The aim was to bring actionable insights, practices and resources to help Le Cube‘s staff to improve their internal communication and collaboration as well with their partners.

Why Codesign Matters?

June Holley, one of the ‘loup blanc’ in network weaving, shares in her blog post:

“In the next decade, using participative co-design and decision-making platforms, more people will be participating in policy making and in co-creating new community institutions. Already some cities engage hundreds of people in designing public spaces, or conduct participative budget processes. Innovative political candidates are using videoconferencing and breakout rooms so that their constituents can co-design their platform.”

Codesign involves a skill set to develop and hone:

codesign innovation skills design experience rotana ty

Source: Codesign rosette – Codesign-it.com

“This model represents different skills contributing to collaborative design experiences.”

The details or sub-skills per main skills can be read here. Somehow, it is about embracing creativity and multidisciplinarity as I notice and keeps exploring.

Concepts and approches on innovation. I revisited them with peers through brainwriting, brainstorming, synthesizing and printed maps.

innovation workshop design thinking codesign rotana ty

innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty

innovation codesign design thinking rotana ty

Agile on Agile

Quality, Lean, design thinking, codesign and… agile. Buzzwords du jour?

Hear what my friend and learning partner, Anne Marie Rattray spotted and wrote:

“It is good to see the rise in popularity of agile as an approach to engaging workforces in collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. My sense, though, is that agile has become a method – I read someone recently saying that “agile had become Agile”. In becoming “Agile”, a method to follow, might there be a danger of forgetting that agile is based on a philosophy?

P.S. It may well have been Tom Peters I heard talking about “Agile with a capital A” – here he is talking about it in this EPAM Continuum podcast https://www.continuuminnovation.com/en/how-we-think/blog/if-its-not-a-kick-to-be-out-with-your-team-in-the-distribution-center-at-1. It is the stifflingly rigid bureaucracy a method introduces.

Process innovation approaches to workflow that have evolved over decades, like lean and quality, are based on a philosophy of work. Agile manufacturing was one part of that evolution. Whatever shape these evolutions took, at the core of process innovation are collaboration, continuous improvement – learning is sewn into everything the business does, and problem-solving viewed as everyone`s responsibility.

Coming bang up to date, this is from the people at Innosabi, innovation software:

… agility is synonymously used to say that something is flexible, proactive, and quick – characteristics that come in handy in a fast-paced and transforming world. But beyond this descriptive meaning stands an entire mindset and philosophy.Exactly!”

Spot on, n’est-ce pas?

In an upcoming blog post of this series on the agile project management program I have completed, I will share more learnings and applications of what I have learned from agile methods I experimented with my diverse teams and the specialist, Hervé Tunga. Stay tuned!

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