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Future skills
Trends and Foresight

I am fascinated by those topics.

For ‘Trends and Foresight’, I think that my curiosity was triggered when I was followed by @gleonhard on Twitter.

Then I started diving into the series of blogs posts on foresight by @VenessaMiemis, and especially this one: Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival: Part 4: Foresight

Essentially, foresight the ability to see “the long view;” to look at information from the past and present, extract the patterns and lessons, and use them to inform decision-making in order to impact the direction things go into the future. There are a range of tools for foresight, the most common being: environmental scanning, trend analysis, brainstorming, modeling, gaming, visioning, and scenario development. Scanning was already covered earlier in this series, so here is a brief overview of the others.”

How about the principles for thinking like a futurist? Marina Gorbis, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future have introduced them in a blog post.

“In my twenty years at the Institute, I’ve developed five core principles for futures thinking:

  1. Forget about predictions.

  2. Focus on signals.

  3. Look back to see forward.

  4. Uncover patterns.

  5. Create a community.”

She concludes her article with those thoughts:

“At its best, futures thinking is not about predicting the future; rather, it is about engaging people in thinking deeply about complex issues, imagining new possibilities, connecting signals into larger patterns, connecting the past with the present and the future, and making better choices today. Futures thinking skills are essential for everyone to learn in order to better navigate their own lives and to make better decisions in the face of so many transformations in our basic technologies and organizational structures. The more you practice futures thinking, the better you get.”

Does foresight start with seeing the world through fresh eyes?

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Source: Sketchnote by Tanmay Vora, shared by Kenneth Mikkelsen on Twitter

You can go deep into futures thinking practices by doing this online course: Ready, Set, Future! Introduction to Futures Thinking, that is brought by Jane McGonigal from the Institute For The Future.

“This course is for anyone who wants to spot opportunities for innovation and invention faster. You can gain the skills and confidence to help YOU become someone who makes the future, instead of letting the future happen to you.”

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