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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 8th-14th April 2019.

Via My Network & Conversations

“Machines don’t do relationships – and success is all about relationships, trust and understanding” —  @gleonhard HT @KweilinE


“Networks aren’t just for communities; they’re great data visualizations. Some great examples shared by @TEDtalks” — @TheCR


“(…) we need a robust system of life-long learning (that begins w/ a reimagined high school) to establish a strong foundation of learning agility & adaptability” Do we need that? — @rotanarotana

Here’s what few people in my network responded to this tweet:

“I believe we do. Future workers need to be responsive & adaptable. Knowledge alone will be insufficient. I think it’s exciting that it’ll force us to be more human, allowing computers to perform repetitive tasks we can follow our purpose…if we are agile and capable of learning.”  — @kathrynhume74


“Even earlier considering how institutions can change to support this. (Thinking of my peers who are parents of young children who have “homework” folders to take home from primary school & have over scheduled lives leaving no room for anything else)…” — @ActivateLearn

From Rotana Ty’s Blog & Conversations

On Mutations, Community Management and Learning

“(…) your learning potential is partly dependent on your own personality, with traits like learnability, curiosity, and openness to experience being key.” — @drtcp

How do you bring your own learnability?

Here’s what Jillian Reilly responded to my tweet:

“Love this question: How do you bring your own learnability? I’m not sure many people focus on their learning potential, or aware of how they learn best. And yet deliberate, curated learning is key to 21st century growth.” — @changingview

I added:

Perhaps, it starts with figuring out what our learnability looks  And then to become a modern professional learner to grow.

I look forward to get to know Jillian and explore the possibilities over a call on next Wednesday:

“I love this content, Rotana. And it so resonates with Antacara’s approach. We should connect.” —@changingview

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