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Source: The April issue of the Inclusive Future of Work Pulse newsletter by Accenture

“The April issue of the Inclusive Future of Work Pulse newsletter is now available.

A sneak peek at what’s inside:

A fireside chat with Eva Sage-Gavin, Senior Managing Director of Global Talent & Organization, marking the inaugural episode of the Inclusive Future Of Work Podcast (also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and SoundCloud)

The latest updates on action pilots in:

London, where we are testing the efficacy of self-assessments, and

St. Louis, where we are exploring a work-based learning model

A spotlight on We Are Peers, a French start-up designing digital platforms for convening peer-learning groups in a horizontal training system

Latest research, headlines and policies on building an Inclusive Future of Work.”

Meet We Are Peers, a Start-up Offering a Collaborative Way of Learning

We Are Peers session with managers facilitated by iWe | Isabelle Werlen-Eschalier, Paris, France.

“We Are Peers (WAP) believes that people learn better by teaching others, and that the most valuable learning occurs through peer interactions and social networks. Founded in 2017 at the Emlyon Business School in France, today WAP is specialized in deploying peer-learning within organizations through events and programs using their platform. Last year, the start-up helped to ‘new skill’ more than 3,500 employees in 30 organizations, which include Total, Ingenico and Renault Trucks, through its teaching method.

So, how does it work? WAP builds peer-learning groups that come together to share knowledge in short sessions, each of which produces educational content that generates a knowledge base. WAP’s digital platform allows participants to find a peer group, build tutorials during sessions and share feedback. It’s goal is to offer all employees a horizontal training system to find their place in the new economy.”

Discover more how to encourage and deploy peer learning within your organization to empower your people:

Contact us for any questions: @wapcommunity or via Linkedin: WAP — We Are Peers

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