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EM Lyon x Artips on Peer Learning Futures

WAP Community is always glad to discover research and news about peer learning and other pioneering learning innovations.

A friend of WAP CommunityLouise Bautista, Account Executive chez Yes We Hack, has kindly shared with We Are Peers, the relevant final report on better ways of learning, that was realised by interns she managed as Business development & Innovation at Artips. Thank you, Louise Bautista!

Source: Final Study / Report — Artips by EM Lyon’s students — 2018–2019 — kindly shared by Louise BautistaHugo Petit and EM Lyon business school

The insights below in the page 40 of the report from students of the leading business school EM Lyon, Yahya Bennani, Chloé Mathieu, Yueming Mu, Hugo Petit, caught the attention of the WAP Community:

We saw that a larger part of trainings in companies were happening collectively which shows that, companies prefer to organize training in groups to increase efficiency of teamwork. We thought that it will be a great innovation if Artips create learnings to do in groups on their platform. In fact, employees could learn and interact together on topics rather than doing their trainings individually.

Well, that’s exactly what We Are Peers does! As the founder and CEO of WAP CommunityDiane LENNE wrote on Harvard Business Review about reinventing workplace learning through peer learning:

To cope with traditional corporate training, peer learning is emerging as a new way of upskilling workers.

Peer Learning: a growing movement within and with businesses

Source: Getty Images

Diane LENNE shares more about this organic movement in her insightful article:

Some companies have already adopted this pedagogy as a learning method. BlaBlaCar displays the value of sharing on its walls: “Share more, learn more”. “This slogan encourages everyone to share. You can go and see anyone in society and ask him a question, he will do everything he can to help you and teach you things (…) “, explained in an interview Frédéric Mazzella, president and founder of the platform. Others, like Google, go even further. The Internet giant has implemented the Googler to GooglerPeer Learning Program, workplace learning sessions run by employees for employees.

How about your organization to propel peer learning?

What if your organization imagine small groups that walk through open spaces for a few intense hours of exchange. In the cafeteria, in the hall, everyone can discuss topics that concern them, identified and prepared beforehand. Each session is evaluated at the end by the peers according to criteria of learning, interactivity and quality of the documentation. The deliverables of these forums are transformed interactions, concrete proposals and action plans to positively change the organization and a new collective energy. — Diane Lenne

Discover more how to encourage and deploy peer learning within your organization to empower your people:

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