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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 17th-23th June 2019.

From My Network

“Communities impact complex organizational objectives and complex members objectives.” Complex means the issue cannot be solved by one part of an organization. Communities are complex and adaptable systems that can help guide answers to questions/issues as they come up. @TheCR #SOCM2019”  — @llamasayswhat 


“Social mindset and leadership is about building a fabric of relationships between clusters of networks in organization to facilitate collaboration and performance.” https://qaspire.com/2017/05/08/social-mindset-a-key-to-engaging-talent #sketchnote #leadership #social cc: @elsua @rotanarotana #fb.” — @tnvora

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“We live in social, hyper-connected and super-transparent world and therefore, adopting a “social mindset” is and will remain a killer app for engaging people.

Social mindset is about focusing on people more than focusing on process and having a belief that magic happens when:

  • We create ecosystems where good people can thrive

  • People are aligned to purpose and are clear about how their work contributes to larger objectives

  • People have tools and communities to learn what they want to learn and when they want to learn

  • Leaders play an active role in building ecosystems for high performance”


“(…) To be able to adopt a social mindset, leaders need to be equipped with deep understanding of how social, networked and self-evolving structures work.


“A5. Community managers are the ultimate dot connectors! Always on the lookout for opportunities to bring people together to enable business progress. Helicoptering up, surveying the landscape and working out where to spend your time/energy collaborating is a great skill. #ESNChat” — @RitaZonius


“Last week we came up with an idea: can we explicitly build a pool of people who are assigned to network and project sessions and whose job it is to capture the essence of the session and any new ideas or practices that emerge? https://networkweaver.com/learning-weavers” — @juneholley


“Reinvention in the 21st century: curiosity, health, creativity, clarity, perspective, mastery, relevance, agility – Learning starts with curiosity, how do you cultivate it in the workplace? #socialnow” — @elsua


“Exploration: experimentation, values-driven leadership, tolerance of failure, opportunity driven, long-term perspective, curiosity, sense-making, iembracing the future, next practices ” — @elsua


“Without tables, it was as simple as turning to someone to engage in conversation, look across the room to notice faces. The conversational sound level never wavered! https://fullcirc.com/2019/06/06/liberating-structures-in-network-development” ~

What we do at We Are Peers within our ecosystem.

From Rotana Ty and his learning partners

Antacara Fontiers in Avignon, France

“We’re heading back to Avignon in just a few days! It’s never too late to join us on a journey to Find Your Frontiers! #Antacara | #France | #Avignon | #Explore | #SelfDevelopment | #Growth | #Personal | #Professional” — @changingview


“Traveling about for times a year helps break up my routine… I learn on every trip and really enjoy getting to understand new orgs & cultures. Back home I try to put these experiences in perspective” — https://jarche.com/2019/06/sixteen-years learning from experience, engagement, reflection 👏


“A tribe should be built as a support system that helps ensure that you grow and thrive. We all respond differently to different people and forces.” — @pretavoyager

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