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“I’ve been fascinated by pattern matching for the past few months. Enjoyed this perspective of looking at it from @rotanarotana.” — @pretavoyager


“Insightful read Rotana, as always 🙂 #Curation” — @simbeckhampson

“I write all kinds of things, and keep random journals of notes, thoughts, ideas, and bad diagrams. I keep them all for the same reason Austin and others keep theirs. To find what I didn’t know I was looking for. That inspiration. That connected dot. That story I want to tell next.

This is an excellent reminder that we should take time to reflect on what we’ve thought previously, as it might be more applicable to what we’re thinking today than it was when we wrote it down.” — Brian Dusablon


“The most important model for work is a learning protocol where the value of all interactions is raised by all interactions; where every interaction and every worker benefits from the total number of interactions and workers.” — @EskoKilpi


“In the age of the social enterprise, orgs will realize that creating & maintaining a culture of lifelong learning isn’t just part of their mission and purpose, but is what gives their workers meaning both in and out of the workplace. & nothing is more personal than that” — Erica Volini, Jeff Schwartz, Indranil Roy, Maren Hauptmann, Yves Van Durme, Brad Denny and Josh Bersin


“What if social entrepreneurship and impact is more about defining new ways to support people and communities organically than about launching a new technology? @BenLLS” — @skap5

Are you comfortable saying I don’t know? asks @valarywithawhy. Share your story.

“Managing in complex adaptive systems means influencing possibilities rather than striving for predictability (good or best practices). Cooperation is needed so that we can continuously develop emergent practices demanded by this complexity.” — Harold Jarche


“Neo-generalists find it hard to describe what they do, to which I can relate. Neo-generalists defy common understanding. They cross boundaries, and some break them. They see patterns before others do” — Harold Jarche


“Community leadership is the future of all leadership.” — Rachel Happe


“Communities are the connectors between diverse networks and work teams. They are essential. We all need an inner circle.” — Harold Jarche

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