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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 15th-21st July 2019.

“Having the discipline to step back from the noise of the world is essential to staying focused.

Go slow to go fast and together, right?

“Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus.” HT @tnvora

From my network & moi

“Knowledge work is not performed by independent individuals but by interdependent people in interaction.” — @EskoKilpi HT @marshallk #wirearchy #NowOfWork” — @rotanarotana

From my Organisation, We Are Peers

“📝 New stories on our blog, go see ✨ by @rotanarotana and @ApollineRg” — @wapcommunity

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From moi and my learning partners

On innovation:

“(…) how, together we can catalyze something bigger than any one of us. How can we combine and recombine our capabilities to unleash the adjacent possible. @TheBIF via @KareAnderson

On new ways of learning and working:

“Recruitment and training are too slow to respond to disruption. Experimentation, sense-making, collaboration and fluid knowledge-sharing are essential.” — @MichelleOckers


“try out new ways of working and learning. There are no best practices for creativity, only unique practices” @hjarche


“Learning in the workplace is all about opening your mind up to new possibilities.” — @ActivateLearn (quoting myself) I know that our workplace is a “learning environment”. We just need to see opportunities that allow us to experiment, learn, create, co-create, reflect, share.


“Social learning is not a ‘nice-to-have’. It is not something bolted on to formal education or training programs. Social learning is how humans have evolved in order to survive and thrive It is part of the human “social suite” — @hjarche

On business design and work cultures:

I asked:

How do we move from command and control, and from obedience, to encouraging and supporting people in their work and learning journey? How do we foster a culture of continuous peer feedback, iterations and improvements?

Here’s the thread I have with @ThruWork:

“You address the systems in an org. It’s very design. Change the systems of recognition, reward, decision-making, communication. Systems guide behaviors and behaviors over time create beliefs. 1/2

“Too often we ignore the elements of design and focus on direct behavior change (training) or indirect change (mission/purpose statements, directives on high). These fail or at best are short-term as people will undoubted follow the larger system 2/2


“Communities are the best and most sustainable method to integrating knowledge, innovation, and culture across silos.” — @TheCR

On HR:

“What is weighing down HR? — History” — @hjarche

HR systems organisation culture work harold jarche rotana ty


“What is weighing down HR? /2” — @hjarche

HR job hierarchy work culture organisation harold jarche rotana ty

For Wandering this Summer

“Traces of the Soul”–a look at the spiritual dimensions of writing and calligraphy across cultures and the ages:″@PaulaFagerberg

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