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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 29th July to 4th August 2019.

“People need space and time to build relationships. Trusted relationships enable knowledge to flow faster across the organization. People will never be more efficient than machines, but they can be more curious, creative, and empathetic.” — @hjarche


“Innovation happens when differences are mixed in a new way. But those differences can’t be mixed unless there is some similarity to establish a relationship upon.” — Valdis Krebs in the ‘On the edge podcast’.

From my learning partners and moi

On leadership:

“Great thoughts around an adaptive leadership model with highlights from @hjarche @elsua @Mintzberg141 & others from @rotanarotana Every time I experience a high-anxiety, toxic workplace I can’t help but think: it doesn’t have to be that way” — @rhappe

I had an interesting thread on Twitter with @ryantracey on hiring and skills development:

“candidate experience = customer experience #hr #recruitment #cx #business” — @ryantracey


“(…) Marvel is doing is what I would call “in-boarding”. (…) Instead, we’re going to bring you into the organization and you bring in with you all of the outside learning and experience that you have and you teach us how to do that in a different way.”


“I think you’ve pulled out the optimal quote, Rotana. I’ve never understood organisations that recruit experts for their expertise, then systematically stamp it out of them. Inboarding makes much more sense.” — @ryantracey

On (learning) organization:

“A learning organisation is one which is constantly transforming & evolving itself. It cannot and must not stay the same. For that you need people who are willing to do that; managers who leaders who support and role model; culture of experimentation too” — @ActivateLearn

In that same HBR post by Whitney Johnson shares other insights:

“High-growth individuals who embrace new learning make the organization smarter and contribute to its growth, but they can’t do it alone. They need their managers to have a reciprocal interest in individual growth and create a learning ecosystem to foster it. “


“When we facilitate learning, even require it of individuals, we create new carrying capacity for growth throughout our organizational ecosystem. If we don’t… well, we live or die by the growth of our people.”

From an organization I met remotely

“Learning usually happens on the job through a number of new projects, and development can be facilitated through community-building and support from platforms or communication systems within freelancer collectives.” — @WDHB

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