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In my learning and working journey, I keep learning from innovation cultures. Engaging within the We Are Peers ecosystem is one of my ways and resources for doing so.

We Are Peers encourages and deploys peer learning within organizations to empower their people. The ultimate vision of We Are Peers is to be the go-to method and tool for mutual teaching. It is also about enabling anyone – not just educators, teachers, trainers and professional facilitators – to develop their autonomy when learning from each others.

What Does a Peer Learning Session Look Like?

Discover in this new video a demonstration of a peer learning session with Enedis with head of agencies. Thanks to Constance Peze from Enedis Paris, for her testimony on the benefits of WAP. We Are Peers also explains what WAP is, and how a peer-to-peer learning session takes place step by step.

What I Do at We Are Peers

As program lead, facilitator and brand content manager, I scope, deploy and facilitate peer learning and working programs within organizations: MNOs, business schools and institutions to empower their people. My specialities are focused on corporate universities and work futures.

I have upskilled at the WAP Academy of professional facilitators. I contribute to the WAP Community by spotting and sharing innovative learning pedagogies and technologies.

I do content programming, management and publishing via the blog and engagement on social media (Twitter and Linkedin) with the ecosystem of We Are Peers.

Projects with Customers of We Are Peers

Peer Learning Sessions I have facilitated

Soft skills development and mapping  – 3 hours workshops – April 2019

Check out few photos from my facilitation in HEP Education, Paris, France.

Being a manager in the context of VUCA – One day workshop – April 2019

Co-facilitation a one-day peer learning workshop with the pedagogy and technology of ‘We Are Peers’, Isabelle Werlen Eschalier, Coach in Business Design & Transformation from I-We, and 15 students from the management school, ESM-A. The goal was to co-produce and publish a French blog post on Medium. Topic: what the future manager looks like and does in the context of volatily, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Check out the blog post of the participants that synthesizes their insights. photos of the workshop.

Erasmus+ Engagement Kit – 3 hours Workshop – April 2019

This was on co-creating an engagement kit with Démocratie Ouverte during #YouthWeek. You can also check out the photos of the workshop. Read on my review of the workshop.

Corporate Universities Night at IFCAM, Crédit Agricole – May 2019

“An unprecedented evening, reserved for the decision-makers of Corporate Universities, whose objective is to share a selection of proven offers, partners or remarkable start-ups, outside the strategic and competitive scope.

It is a question of seizing opportunities of mutualization, either to launch several in a pilot with a start-up, or to develop a common device, or to benefit at a marginal cost from an already existing program developed a University of Paris. ‘Entreprise … The challenge is to accelerate projects thanks to collective intelligence while absorbing part of the initial cost.”

Review on the deployment of a peer learning program in the learning department of Total at the first fair to bring together game initiatives from corporate universities, ‘For Us‘ at IFCAM, Crédit Agricole’s Group University with ‘We Are Peers’ team. See photos and watch the video recap.

Forum Changer d’ère – 2 hours Workshop – June 2019

Topic: WAP Else: Conquer your place in a world of transformation.

This peer learning session was co-facilitated during the yearly Forum Changer d’ère in Cité des Sciences, Paris, France.  Read on more how we experienced this workshop.

Sharing best practices between Managers from Enedis – 5 hours workshop – July 2019

Co-facilitated this workshop with 40 lead managers from Enedis in Paris, France. Topic: sharing best pratices between peers to help their team managers to perform better. See the video and photos.

enedis diane lenne wap we are peers peer learning formation education futur travail work innovation startup rotana ty managementSource: Photo shot by Oliver Sabatier at Enedis, Paris, France.

Future of Public Services – City of Créteil – 2 hours workshop – July 2019

I have co-facilitated a 2 hours peer learning session with Anne-Elise Lenne, founder of Cycla Conseil, Metikizy, and two facilitators from the City or Créteil. Goal: mapping existing and new initiatives, that put the citizens at the heart of the future public services of the city of Créteil, France.

Check out more through words and photos in this blog post. See photos on the workshop.

Peer Working Programs I have managed and facilitated

emlyon hackathon – from July to October 2019

On 6th and 16th September we have trained 70 students to be facilitators with the WAP approach and to be ready for the D-Days of the hackathon.

emlyon students hackathon learning peer work future early makers challenge rotana ty we are peers wap julie ballon innovation steam stem

emlyon students hackathon learning peer work future early makers challenge rotana ty we are peers wap julie ballon innovation steam stem

As a program lead, I have managed this project with +10 staff member of the busines school emlyon, a team of 70 students facilitators from emlyon, our team of 5 at We Are Peers, and a team of 5 master WAP facilitators.

We have enabled 1270 students from emlyon to do market analysis and spot trends related to their entrepreneurial project as an ‘early makers‘ through the peer learning methodology and technology of We Are Peers. The format is a giant hackathon on sports and innovations on 19th and 20th September 2019 where 16 teams of students and one winning team have pitched during 2 minutes during the festival of sports and innovation brought by Sport Unlimitech and GL Events.

Check out the video and few photos of the challenge.

diane lenne emlyon hackathon early makers challenge stadium gerland lyon wap we are peers innovation sports tech rotana ty

diane lenne emlyon hackathon early makers challenge stadium gerland lyon wap we are peers innovation sports tech rotana ty diane lenne emlyon hackathon early makers challenge stadium gerland lyon wap we are peers innovation sports tech rotana ty

MNO – peer working program with senior executives from August to November 2019

During an international convention in France, I have enabled with a team of 13 facilitators 150 directors from subsidaries to co-produce, enrich and consolidate strategic initiatives for the future of the MNO in the next 3 coming years.

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