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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 26th August – 1st September 2019.

On Using Tools to Work & Learn

Every year, Jane Hart, the loup blanc / white wolf in workplace learning, shares her top 10 tools she uses for learning. I revisited and refined mine through a blog post and a visual, too. Here is what it looks like as I wrote those words.

To me, resources can vary from:
. Actionable insights & contents
. Communities – online & offline
. Interesting networks & people
. Tools – digital & analog

What does your modern professional learning & designing ressources looks like?

On Peer Learning & Work

“peer learning is… a form of learning where people assemble collective wisdom to achieve their objectives” — @sourceinst


In a liquid world, our communities and networks can keep us afloat, but we have to first build our ‘knowledge rafts’. Together we can learn to navigate the emerging ‘liquid-modern culture’.” — @hjarche

How do you navigate work and learning in networks?

On Leadership

“Today’s organizations need leaders who believe in human potential and goodness, who can inspire people to operate from their highest selves, who can instill in people a deep sense of their own worth.” — @sahana2802


Community leadership employs influence and enablement to inspire and ensure people are rewarded for new behaviors. To do well, community leadership requires metacognition – the ability to understand one’s own thinking, how it differs from others, and how to bridge that divide. Community positions often require many adjunct specialties like strategy or content or are infused with expertise in one specific domain.” — @TheCR

How do you develop leadership yourself, inside and outside your organization?

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