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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by moi for the week 2nd to 8th September 2019.

Resonating louder:

“Learning plays a HUGE role in my life.  It’s what drives me to explore and delve into new areas and see the world like a child – everything is open, new and just ready for new possibilities.” — @ActivateLearn


“We do not need smart cities. We need smart — and creative — citizens.” — @hjarche

On Creating Resources

Thoughts are the real currency of our lives; not data, information, knowledge or skills. The question is what are we doing with our thoughts to ‘buy’ us a better future?” — @write2tg

Here’s what I share:

Turning thoughts into actionables insights and resources lead us, our ecosystem and the collective intelligence towards a better future ?

Well, for instance I have created and revisited a blog post on resources on how I learn and work:

“This is wonderful. Such an in-depth reflection on how one learns. I need to do this. Actually commit time to reflect on these questions in the post.” — @ActivateLearn

On Sensemaking & Curation

“Sensemaking is foundational to emergent learning. As individuals and teams begin to see the larger patterns, new insights and breakthroughs occur leading to transformative learning.” — @sahana2802

Here’s the insight from Jillian Reilly:

“Love this @rotanarotana and see the Explorer’s Mindset at the heart of it – sensemaking, curating diversity, moving into unknowns- it’s what we do when we intentionally explore our worlds.” — @changingview

Peer Learning disciplines: curation, facilitation, convening

“Curators are responsible for creating the overall learning environment, and building the relationships with domain experts and other communities.” 

A form to make sense is doodling:

“Doodling – drawing random shapes, lines, & figures while listening and taking notes — can:

– improve memory,

– boost creativity,

– help us relax.”

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