Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by moi for the week 16th to 22nd September 2019.

On Business Design & Work Cultures

What does a post-hierarchical organization look like? (…) Finally, it will promote cooperative actions that add to the long-term value of the ecosystem and community, not just short-term collaboration to get the next project done or achieve some arbitrary quarterly results.” — @hjarche


“Learning, knowledge, trust and collaboration are after thoughts in many organisations plans for the digital world. What would be possible if instead of the perfect hierarchy we invested to develop knowledge, trust, credibility and results in our interconnected world?” — @simongterry

Here’s what my learning partner and friend from Supro, Paul Simbeck-Hampson replied to this question:

“Infinite possibilities. One big problem, collaboration is a concept born in the fires of competition (ie. one winner) – the output is hierarchy. Within hierarchical structures cooperative behaviour is seen as a weakness and so has little chance to get a foothold. #mytuppence”

My two cents:

Whether collaboration is for a short period or for a long one, that occurs. I believe so even if by working cooperatively and synchronising with technology we can enhance our ability to coordinate resources and better learn in-the-moment. The challenge: to improve cooperation.

On Hiring & Connecting People

“Good new hire practices can be summed up with three key lessons:

Connect People.

Connect with Social Media (less hierarchical than other forms of communication).

Start the process as early as possible.” — @hjarche

Then how does people connect remotely and in person? This blog post shares an interesting question:

“Is it possible to work remotely and have the same level of innovation and human connection that supposedly only arises from serendipitous office interactions?”

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