tree autumn leaf curiosity multidisciplinarity colors exploring rotana ty

We have moved from Summer time to Autumn.

tree autumn leaf curiosity multidisciplinarity colors exploring rotana ty
Source: photo shot by moi during a stroll in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am mulling over actions and deep thoughts while revisiting the past and exploring the present and the future.

I have been involved in projects related to peer learning since latest April of this year. It is good to be in the flow with speed and connections of people, ideas and actions. While revisiting my learning streams on social, I have stepped back and revisited this gem:

Beautiful & spot on, @tnvora : “Patience is a silent virtue that seems difficult to practice in a world obsessed with speed, connection and noise. Everything happens in an instant, or so it seems.” #slowsocial 🙏 ping @elsua

As I shared in this oldie, it is essential to go slow to go fast and together:

There is something in the nature of #SlowSocial and fast social that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation and meaningful contributions in online conversations, body of knowledge and pattern recognition.

Anyone can be connected to nature and disconnected from Internet. Call it connectedness to yourself through your senses and heart. Feel, touch, experience.

“Love this, @rotanarotana ! Totally agree it’s about switching on curiosity about self in surroundings. Now let’s take tracking further: how does my physical movement affect the quality of my thinking and decision making? Connecting physical, cognitive and emotional.” ~ @changingview

And it takes silence, time and practices to be creative and keep learning:

“Creativity and learning stems from our inner connection, meaningful conversations and mindful consumption that truly feed us internally. Here are Jane Kenyon’s wise words to live by via @brainpicker #sketchnote #timelesswisdom #fb” 

wise words jane kenyon brainpicker tanmay vora sketch creativity learning slow rotana ty

To do what? To develop yourself to engage yourself and other people to develop better people in any team, network, organisation, community – in person and / or remotely as shared with Paul Jocelyn over his tweet on learning:

“Learning, on the other hand, is self-directed. Learning isn’t about changing our grade, it’s about changing the way we see the world. Learning is voluntary. Learning is always available, and it compounds, because once we’ve acquired it, we can use it again and again.” ~ Seth Godin

It does start with connectedness to ourselves and nowness so that we can develop our connective behavior or mutuality as Kare Anderson shared with me personally via email. She pointed me to her book ‘Mutuality Matters‘ and her talk ‘Opportunity’ Makers‘, that I intend to explore to mull over her insights when time allows.

How about yourself ?

How do you disconnect and connect to yourself to connect and engage meaningfully ?

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