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“The essence of social #learning is to find authentic sources created with the spirit of a nuanced and collective exploration and stay away from sound bites. #slowmedia #slowlearning cc: @rotanarotana @elsua #fb” — @tnvora

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On Caring

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” — Richard Branson via @simbeckhampson

On the Value of Reflecting

“Look into the past for the answers to move forward into your future.” — @jenfrahm


“There is such a focus on skills but to gain real perspective you need time to think and reflect, which is dismissed both in education, corporate L&D, and in everyone’s work lives. Do, do, do without thinking won’t get us where we need to go ” — @rhappe

On Being & Becoming a Neo-Generalist

“Here are three concrete steps you and your organization can take to cultivate and harvest the benefits of specialist–generalists:

  1. Happe [Rachel Happe] advised exploring domains where “there is no right answer,” such as the arts and humanities. “You learn to analyze and make decisions amid ambiguity,” she said.

  2. Incorporate mind-expanding, curiosity-inducing activities in leader development programs. These can include visual thinking exercises and sessions with provocative thinkers in fields such as anthropology or music that are seemingly unrelated to one’s “day job.

  3. The next time you’re working with an executive recruiter, ask him or her to find at least one artist, poet, or philosopher with the requisite expertise and experience for the job opening. Even if you don’t hire that person, he or she will challenge your thinking (and the recruiter’s) and expand your definition of what’s possible.” — Eric J. McNulty

Hint: I am mentioned in the book ‘The Neo-Generalist’, and have shared my two cents after I read it. Check out my visual synthesis and thinking over this old blog post

How do you learn and work widely in our modern world ?

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