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Assess Yourself

“Engagement begins at home. All engagement stems from how we engage within ourselves, and how we engage with people in our everyday life.” — Scott Gould 

Consider doing the engagement assessment to get actionable insights on yourself and what you do with your ecosystem.

Read Books

Last Summer I finally met Harold Jarche in Paris over a meal. As written, it was a lovely and insightful conversation. I am always inspired by his work and actionable insights on work, learning and leadership.

I bought few days ago the latest version of his ebook series, that I will read asap:

The #PerpetualBeta Series — actionable insights on learning, working, and thriving in a network society

Perpetual Beta Series actionable insights learning working thriving network society harold jarche ebook

I share my annotated reading of the latest e-book Harold Jarche published in this blog post. Read on.

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