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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 21-27 October 2019.

On Engagement

“Engagement begins at home. All engagement stems from how we engage within ourselves, and how we engage with people in our everyday life.” — Scott Gould on his weekly newsletter, 18th October 2019

Consider to do the engagement assessment to get actionable insights on yourself and what you do with your ecosystem.

Anne Ditmeyer, who keeps inspiring me with her projects, blog, and weekly newsletters, shared this while exploring Vienna:

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Greetings from Vienna! 👋 I’m on a pilgrimage to the place my mom studied abroad in ‘62-63. I decided to make a list of rules to guide my trip (inspired by my talk this week). I have to say they’re already serving me quite well! I’m particularly a fan of #4. It’s already led to many interesting exchanges, especially as I don’t speak German. I think #3 should be a given year round. 🚫📱🍽 (I wrote this at dinner last night.) I took the train yesterday (10 hours) because that’s how she would have gotten here (after taking a ship across the ocean!!!).🚂 Minimizing my internet use while here (no internet in the ‘60s), but using the queue at a museum she loved as an excuse to share. #PAVvienna #Vienna #Austria

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On Speaking

“People only really learn when they’re surprised. If they’re not surprised, then what you told them just fits in with what they already know. No minds were changed. No new perspective. Just more information. So my main advice to anyone preparing to give a talk on stage is to cut out everything from your talk that’s not surprising.” — Derek Sivers

On Community Professionals

“This is, in large part, the work of community professionals; to harness the distributed power of a network while creating controls that ensure the safety of its members and its culture. Increasingly organizations are seeing it as a model for corporate governance — shifting from rigid control to a connected ecosystem with controls.

That structure empowers people — and is more palatable.” — Rachel Happe

Perpetual Beta

Last Summer I finally met Harold Jarche in Paris over a meal. As written, it was a lovely and insightful conversation. I am always inspired by his work and actionable insights on work, learning and leadership.

I bought few days ago the latest version of his ebook series, that I will read asap:

The #PerpetualBeta Series — actionable insights on learning, working, and thriving in a network society

Perpetual Beta Series actionable insights learning working thriving network society harold jarche ebook

How do you engage lately?

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