Time to review the year. One way of doing so is to collect and order 59 blog posts I published. Curated and written. Putting the content below into a word cloud generator shows me the occurence of those words. So looks like I have focused in 2019 on:

  • Learning / Work
  • Management / Community / Leading
  • Agile / Program


blog publication posts management learning agile community leadership work rotana ty

Learning and working out loud, reflections, resources


Resources I use 

Fall reflection


On trends and foresight


Curiosity on curiosity²


On travelling

Agile project management


Cube School – Agile Project Management Program: WIIFM?

Cube School – Formation ‘Chef de projet agile’: bénéfices?

Cube School — Formation Chef de Projet Agile, vue par son écosystème

Cube School — Agile Project Management Program by the Ecosystem


On Participatory Video Production

Prospective sur la création numérique

Foresight on digital creativity


Agile Project Management Program: Experimenting Main Methods

On co-design


On Visual Communication & Graphic Design


Agile on agile²


Apprendre à collaborer et à réseauter

Learning Newsletter


How do you gain insights and learn?

Community management is management


On meetings and management 

On collective learning and intelligence

On going slow and with the flow

On skills development and distributed teams


Expand your possibilities through resources

Learning on learning²

On work futures and nowness


On learning and connectedness

On community management and coaching


On seeing patterns before others do

On embracing not knowing and complexity

In which ecosystems do you engage?

Actionable insights from my learning partners


Perspectives on learning and hiring 

On curiosity and what’s next

On focusing and innovating

Leadership on leadership²


On working, learning and leading

On roles to play, and communities

On experiencing and shifting


On connectedness and nowness

On change and serendipity

On work cultures and practices

On community management and support

On creating resources, curating and sensemaking


On stillness and skills development

Formes d’engagement

Shapes of engagement

On learning and working widely


From leading to fostering


Faire des pauses et se développer

Another way to review the year is data visualization of my actions.

year review data visualization table rotana ty

While being quiet on social networks lately, I have also worked on my focus with new knowledge sources and networks. Stay tuned for more as we will kick off 2020 in few weeks.

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  1. […] toward the end of the year, I use another way to review 2019 as I started doing so over my post ‘Focused in 2019’. This time, I use an oldie I published in 2017 on being and becoming a modern professional […]

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