2019 Insights

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2019 insights that caught my attention

From my weekly newsletters / curated blog posts, I have reviewed the crème de la crème of insights from my network and moi in 2019.

“We are surfers exploring the present, riding waves generated in the past and curious what will arise in the future. (Fixed it for you.)” — @AnthonyLawlor

Making Sense of the World & Ourselves

My inputs are synthesis of insights I spot. They can come from people that surround me and I engage with. They can be places I explore on the ground, experiences I did and learn from. — @rotanarotana


“Keep honing your own strengths, being patterns seekers, getting involved in different worlds than your world, communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest.” — Kare Anderson


“Love this @rotanarotana and see the Explorer’s Mindset at the heart of it – sensemaking, curating diversity, moving into unknowns- it’s what we do when we intentionally explore our worlds. https://twitter.com/rotanarotana/status/1166588114179170304” — @changingview


“Be it alone or with peers, reflection is our professional daydream time; the stillness needed to put the pieces together, to expel the nonsense and make sense of what and why we do what we do – its part of the learning equation” — @britz

Benefits of Travelling

“Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms” – Source: For a More Creative Brain, Travel by Brent Crane, The Atlantic HT @elsua


“Traveling about for times a year helps break up my routine… I learn on every trip and really enjoy getting to understand new orgs & cultures. Back home I try to put these experiences in perspective” —  https://jarche.com/2019/06/sixteen-years learning from experience, engagement, reflection 👏

Learning & Developing Ourselves

“Love this question: How do you bring your own learnability? I’m not sure many people focus on their learning potential, or aware of how they learn best. And yet deliberate, curated learning is key to 21st century growth.” — @changingview


What matters to me is the curiosity I have and develop for emerging technologies, their usages, the emerging mindsets, behaviours and skillset for co-creating, collaborating and cooperating and learning in our augmented and automated world. — @rotanarotana


“Learning Agility is that intelligent ability to make sense and success of something we have never seen or done before.” via @kwooleyy


“Social learning is the willingness to be changed by engaging with others.” — @rhappe


“Broaden your range of development approaches. The schema I use is learn from experience, people, and investigation. Investigation is about resources and courses.” — Michelle Ockerz

Working & Ties

“You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other.” — @ValaAfshar


“An effective organization is a community of human beings, not a collection of human resources…” — Henry Mintzberg


“Communities are the best and most sustainable method to integrating knowledge, innovation, and culture across silos. https://communityroundtable.com/community-manager-role/communities-enable-thriving-and-adaptive-ecosystems” — @TheCR


“My belief is that no matter how good an idea or project is, you need a strong team and culture for it to succeed. To often companies don’t give time to build skills, protocols, rituals for culture.” — @fer_ananda


“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” — Richard Branson via @simbeckhampson


“Think of your work as a flow from which you can add your own unique insights that only you have because you bring completely different approaches, questions and considerations than others.” — @ActivateLearn


“People need space and time to build relationships. Trusted relationships enable knowledge to flow faster across the organization. People will never be more efficient than machines, but they can be more curious, creative, and empathetic.” — @hjarche

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