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As I have dived into few resources on distributed work and remote learning from my network, I thought it can be useful to share few tips on facilitating online meetings from master online facilitators such as Nancy White and from network weavers such as June Holley.

“As we navigate our new world, how can we learn to continue our important work without face-to-face meetings and work sessions?  Even more importantly, how can we provide support to each other, share our fears, and help each other figure out how to meet our needs – even though we cannot be in the same room. 

I am convinced that we can use this time to make some of those big system shifts that need to happen. This is a time of opportunity as well as one of tragedy. 

In the shift to the virtual world, we can come up with new ways of working and being together that help us move out of white supremacy culture and create communities that are good for all.  Let me try out some of these ideas with you….

We can organize our online meetings in new ways. But as Nancy White points out, * (my paraphrase) “Let’s not take bad meeting design online! Let’s start with healthier, more fun, and more productive ways of meeting.” — June Holley

Combined with my experience of participations and facilitation of online meetings, I have created this visual synthesis based on some tips and insights from the blog post of June Holley and my additional thoughts. Hope you find it useful with your teams, networks and online communities.

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How do we foster remote engagement while learning and working together?

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