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Sharing what caught my attention for the week 13 of 2020.

Work & Learning

On learnability and work skills development:

“Younger employees may be comfortable with consumer social media but they may have not have used digital media for professional development. This is where they can be coached and mentored to find bloggers, communities of practice, and knowledge networks. Perhaps they can even start blogging themselves. Work is becoming more creative and entrepreneurial and a similar mindset toward learning will be an advantage in this economy. The discipline of personal knowledge mastery should start with each knowledge worker.” @hjarche

It takes discipline to do so:

“Self-isolated and remote from work means people will have more opportunity than ever to learn online new or better ways of working. How many people are really going to do that? (…)

How many will be disciplined enough to continue?” @AndrewJacobsLnD

It takes recalibration and planning to do so:

“However, for some, it will also be a great opportunity for some reflection and reassessment of priorities. It will be a time to think forward about what they would like to focus on, what they would like to change and what they would like to put behind them.” @ActivateLearn 

As Helen tweeted:

“Make time for learning every day and now’s the time to do it – no matter how short it is. Focus on something you would have loved to have learned which will help you in future when things “return to normal”. Here’s a plan to get you started http://activatelearning.com.au/2020/03/create-your-own-personal-learning-plan-for-isolation

Constant self-directed learning is the cornucopia for social learning and work.

While communicating during live video conversations / meetings / co-creation sessions, it is all about online facilitation, right? I go deeper with another blog post on making online meetings for learning and working engaging and productive. Read on.

I enjoyed very much through our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, a community of pratice focused on learning and new work, a live video conversation over Zoom with global game-changing people.

“We had a great session today. Getting community members together is very energizing. We got perspectives from CA, NL, NZ, FR, ES, UK, US. We are all in this together. https://twitter.com/hjarche/status/1242786361364578305@hjarche

For distributed work, asynchronous communication and work matter a lot, too.

“Async is the norm, so being in sync mode feels extra constraining and slow. Over time when you are working all-remote, you come to get used to communicating async and get the benefits of being able to manage multiple streams of communication. So being in sync mode can feel slow and cumbersome.

These detractions aside, sync space can be useful for getting on the same page because it’s a significant investment by everyone in being co-present. It’s the closest thing to a handshake in an all-distributed environment to just show up in the same sector of spacetime.” @johnmaeda

Rediscovering & Recharging Yourself

“Working memory is the part of the short term memory we use to process linguistic and perceptual data. In other words, the processes we use to establish clear communication and a sense of purpose.

If you’re at home and need a break read a book, listen to some music, daydream. Look out the window. take a few deep breaths with your eyes shut. Just don’t play a video game until your working day is over.”  @DavidAmerland

Timely to explore yourself, right?

“Hibernation Exploration.

Isolation doesn’t have to mean the end of exploration.

Can we grow, connect, and thrive during a time of solitude?

We are all explorers now – It’s time to ask yourself: Do I contract in fear? Or continue on a path of discovery?

#Explore | #Discover” @changingview


Staying Creative

“Creativity is more about taking the facts, fictions, and feelings we store away and finding new ways to connect them.” — @TharpTwyla, The Creative Habit

Do you review and refine what you create and curate on a frequent basis?

“What does stands in the way of creative breakthroughs — I’m increasingly convinced — is lack of time spent walking quietly with your thoughts, working and re-working your understanding of a concept in search of new layers of meaning.

(…) Gathering inputs is the easy part. It’s the long thinking, and rethinking, then thinking again that’s really needed if you want to produce industrial strength insights.” Cal Newport

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