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What caught my attention on week 18 of 2020.

Learning now and in the long now is about widening interests, swimming in seas of signals, discovering mindsets – emerging in solo and networks.

Collaboration x Cooperation

“Had fun speaking at #RemoteDesignWeek on the mashup between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs x @johnmaeda ‘s Hierarchy of Work, cooperation x collaboration, and introducing Johansson’s Catrix! — @uxwendy





I had a great bi-weekly Perpetual Coffee Club last Tuesday with few community members. One day after this event I read a blog post from Harold Jarche on helping make the network smarter. Here is what Harold shared on Twitter, too:

“It would be great to see more examples of executives taking time to learn something complex and then help make their network smarter by adding value & context. Twitter? #PKMastery” — @hjarche

Ambiversion x Solitude

“As as extrovert, I’m finding hours of screen-based virtual meetings each day exhausting. I thought solitude was easier for introverts but it turns out I’m wrong. Lockdown is showing we need to rethink introvert vs. extrovert differences: Via @AdamMGrant” — @helenbevan

The ‘and’ could be expressed through being an ambivert as shared by Daniel Pink.

About solitude. I love listening to music. You may enjoy this live session from Kandace Springs.

May You Pause

“If you’re looking to pause, REALLY pause, this weekend, check out this meandering chat with collaborator, artist, writer and business philosopher @petervan , exploring #RobertPoynton’s book, Do Pause: You are not a To Do list: @JenniferSertl @RimmaBosh” — @JosieJosieg

“Recently, I discovered two books by Robert Poynton. One is about “Pause“, the other book is about “Improvisation“. Together with Josie Gibson from The Catalyst Network, we started some 1-1 calls to share what these books trigger for us and our communities. We decided to start a small experiment: we read a chapter of the book, schedule a 1-1 call to let flow our minds, record it, and share it with our communities, and see what happens. Very down to earth, no tricks, no gimmicks, just a gentle and calm wandering and meandering of minds from two opposite sides of this earth. One person from Melbourne, Australia and one from Aalst, Belgium; one person in autumn, one in spring.

These are very calm conversations; so best is to take a pause, install yourself in a quiet corner and enjoy!”

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