What caught my attention on week 20 of 2020.

Micro Level

This is a take from Bruce McTague after I shared the visual and the blog post on my learning journey.

“upper left hand corner” embrace not knowing” that’s kind of the key to unlock 90% of not only learning but the worse of the world itself. until you accept what you don’t know you’ll never know what to seek to know. https://twitter.com/rotanarotana/status/1259352013017579521 ” —@BruceMcTague

One of my oldies on embracing ‘I don’t know’ goes deep on what it would be all about.

What is the value of #SlowSocial especially in the current global and local context of the pandemic and beyond?

“Now is the time to learn new ways to form and cultivate relationships, and new modes of building trust… NOT accelerate productivity. SLOW DOWN to REACH YOUR GOALS FASTER.” — @nicoleradziwill

All starts with the choices we make beyond the lockdown :

“And maybe, just maybe, this time for contemplation will activate our inner compass guiding us to make awareness-based, life-affirming choices toward co-creating “a world that works for all,” that is not steeped in inequality and “othering,” — a world that is ready to move from a story of separation to a story of interbeing. It is difficult to envision a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible as we grapple with the virus that is taking thousands of lives every day. But if we don’t prepare ourselves to reinvent and actualize the world we would like to inhabit, then this calamity would be in vain. Lives would have been lost in vain.” — @sahana2802

Self-awareness: does it start with :

“I remember @hjarche calling his blog his “outbound brain”… I’ve been blogging largely for #pkm, as a #wol process, personal sensemaking, and to be part of larger conversations around my areas of passion. I’ve met amazing people through blogging. #tribe #learning #Emergence https://twitter.com/rotanarotana/status/1259420858977865728” — @sahana2802

See also the interesting thread/conversation we had with @tdebaillon @dr_rattray on blogging:  useful to do so or not?

Micro, Meso & Macro Levels

Questions from Sahana Chattopadhyay‘s latest blog post to mumble :

“Can we accept this moment and its grand design? Can we sense into the dormant potential — the emerging future that is wanting to happen? Can we collectively become the “imaginal cells” and hold space for what is wanting to be born?

How can we together create conditions for a thrivable future to come into being? What are the old beliefs, constructs, narratives, patterns, and structures we must let go off? What are the new stories waiting to be co-created? What stories can become compasses for a regenerative and thriving future?

What choices do we have to make to midwife a regenerative future? How can we envision and actualize a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? How can each one of us use our unique gifts in service to the emerging future?

In Otto Scharmer’s words, “How do we move from an ego-system thinking to an eco-system thinking, not only at an individual level but also at a collective level?”

How we manage our energy and engagement while being involved in teams, networks and communities? I tweeted about that :

What I became aware over time, and recently is how do we manage our own energy matters while being engaged with ourselves, in teams, networks and communities. Does each engagement boost or drain my energy and focus? #NeoGeneralist may mumble over that to engage or not. Thoughts?

Which choices do organizations make beyond the lockdown ?

“Now that the offices are closed, the workforce distributed and the work is virtual – companies are finally seeing the strengths and weaknesses of their org design. And realizing how it all truly hinges on relationships, trust and communication. #SocialByDesign” — @britz

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