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What caught my attention on week 24 of 2020.

“When things are turbulent, we either need ‘Probe, Sense, Respond’ or ‘Act, Sense, Respond to create newness / innovation.” via @timkastelle

Add to that unlocking our learning potential :

“Learnability is a vital skill for today’s workplace; it is the capacity to keep learning and developing new skills and expertise, even if they are not obviously linked to one’s current job. It is therefore up to everyone to take more responsibility for their own learning and development.” — @C4LPT

The Power of Communities

Where are we, now?

“We suddenly find ourselves floundering in a liminal space of uncertainty, ambiguity, and unknowing. Lost and adrift emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, we are scrambling to make sense of a world that has fallen apart, whose center proved too weak to hold and sustain.” @sahana2802

It is clearly an opportunity to work on ourselves. To recalibrate :

“What does a more integrated, thrivable, and regenerative world look like? How do we align with our inner source of being? How do we befriend our future emergent selves?” @sahana2802

How can we futures and nowness thinking the inner world and outer world to now-proof ourselves?

“What is becoming evident is that in the face of this apocalypse, it is not high tech & military prowess but high touch & compassion that is saving the day.” — @sahana2802

Communities as our life, learning and work support systems :

“Communities come into being when diverse individuals come together in the service of a purpose larger than themselves. A purpose that feels aligned with their own calling and invites all on a co-creative journey that moves them toward the purpose.” @sahana2802

With intentions :

“Intentional communities help us to stay in this space between stories & navigate it together. That is when — by weaving together the kaleidoscope of narratives & perspectives — we can truly envisage a different world. I believe we are all agents of an interconnected whole (…)” @sahana2802

With contributions :

“Only when people fully belong can they participate and contribute from their deepest and integral selves.” @sahana2802

Feel, seen and heard. What makes us contribute. What I am learning via @TheCR and resources lately, and one community engagement at a time.

Teams, Networks & Communities

Emerging topics and questions this week :

What are the predominant soft skills when you are working remotely? HT @hjarche

Working and learning in the new normal.

Distributed work: a glocal experiment that will vanish or last?

Self-care and engaging within teams, networks, communities.

I will unpack and try to share few thoughts in upcoming posts.

All about problems, landscapes and habits; Leadership in the 21st Century, methinks.


  1. Types of Problems: Library problems, Experience Problems, Complex Problems, Complex Adaptive Problems.

  2. Types of Landscapes: Flat, Single Peak, Rugged, Dancing Peaks

  3. Habits: Time, Planning & Making Choices, Time & Learning, Attentive Contextual Intelligence

  4. It is not unusual to find combinations of ‘Type of Problems’, Landscapes and Habits co-existing within the same situation.

  5. Whole of life is nothing but a series of changes and issues waiting for resolution, facilitation, modification and nurturing to leverage us to new dimensions and states.

  6. Leaders of the 21st century would posses an unusually high degree of ‘contextual intelligence’ to reach essence of complex situations in a wink and know how to deal with those.” Dibyendu De

CX = Customer Experience × Computational Experience

Worth diving into this week, too : ‘If We Can Automate Asleepness, Can We Automate Awakeness?’

“The random interactions inherent to our physical world have vanished for the time being — which removes all possibilities to encounter random information that might have the chance of broadening our understanding.” — @johnmaeda

Musing of the Week: Under The Pole

Some deep coverage of a cool project by @UnderThePole in this LeMonde article in French. I translated an extract:

“Nothing predestined these Franciliens to become explorers, except a common fascination for the documentaries of Commander Cousteau, which they devoured as children on Sunday evenings on television. A mechanical engineer, he was rather attracted to mountain climbing. As a skipper, she had always been in love with the sea, without imagining that one day she would try to discover its secrets. After learning her trade from Jean-Louis Etienne, the couple created the association Under The Pole in 2007. With one objective: to explore the seas to create a sustainable world.”

Keep exploring.

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