Community Management Engagement

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Community Management Engagement

Over the past few weeks, I have dive deep into the community management space with resources, events, and communities. The focus is on internal community building and facilitation.

Participation State of Community Management 2021 Webinar Hosted by The Community Roundtable

Participation State of Community Management 2021 Webinar Hosted by The Community Roundtable

“Very excited for our first ever live public roundtable focused on The State of Community Management 2020 findings! We have another at 1pm ET if you’d like to join us! #socm2020” — @TheCR

It seems that organizations have a higher interest in online communities and internal community management in the context of the global economic and health crisis. Do learning communities go remote and distributed?

“<< Do learning communities go remote & distributed? >> I think so, and my experiences support that. Set up / been part of several for 7 or 8 years now.” — @jonhusband

I have co-set up and co-build one learning community over the past few months. I am also part of a few ones as a contributor. It takes time, effort, energy, and trust in our guts to build and/or engage in learning communities and communities of practice over time.

“@rotanarotana: Thank you for joining us yesterday and yes, initially communities take patience and time because you can’t force relationships and trust… but it’s so much better in the end.” — @rhappe

Like gardening, it takes patience and time… A community could grow organically and can become rewarding with low hanging fruits if work was done. Even when a (team of) community manager is not there / not engaging, active members contribute. Balancing action and doing nothing.

Within the PBCC community, I met and discussed with supportive, insightful members and kept sharing about emergent work and learning practices. For example, what do modern workforces look like?

“Modern workforces are expressing a desire for more freedom, flexibility, and choice at work, a work environment that provides continuous development and learning opportunity, and critically, a sense of connection and belonging.” — @cat_pearce71 @workingfuture1

Offboarding matters as much as onboarding for any organization in uncertain and turbulent times.

“Successful and resilient organisations of the future will be fluid and agile, meeting emergent customer needs as they arise. Key to organisational fluidity is workforce flexibility. A robust off-boarding strategy is an excellent starting point.” #NowOfWork

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.



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