“The ability to change your mind is proof you are capable of learning.” — @ValaAfshar

This is Summertime.

After being involved intensively over the past few months in the learning program and community management spaces I review, refine and recalibrate myself and my work/learning practices.

One of the routines that I have is to plan and do yearly/quarterly/monthly reviews. Like I did by the end of 2019.

I am grateful to life and serendipitous connexions while engaging in one learning community/community of practice at a time.

Last week I have met over a live community conversation Lotte, Clifton Strengths certified coach from Gallup. I was so glad to meet her as I have done by the end of last year the self-assessment. I’ve got a report of my 34 themes strengths.

I lead with strategic thinking. I constantly absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions. I stretch thinking for nowness and futures.

gallup assessment skills strengths leadership rotana ty

I have revisited deeply in quiet times my personalized and unique report on my own. We have also started doing so with my coach. I have captured a few actionable insights to move forward and improve myself over time and my next steps.

clifton strengths ideation learner input strategic thinking futuristic decision commitment engagement responsibility leadership rotana ty motivation learning mastery doing catalyst edge focus archive knowledge management rotana ty expand thinking slow conversation connexion perspective input rotana ty action energy management review creativity feedback play rotana ty options insights contribution decision analysis leadership engage clarity rotana ty inspiration map scan now clarity vision futures rotana ty

By the way I have also reviewed the other resources I use as shared with this tweet with Jane Hart:

Just shared my top tools to learn & develop on: toptools4learning.com/voting

In a nutshell: https://rotanaty.com/2019/03/03/resources

In no particular order:
. Clickup for self-efficacy
. WordPress for clarity
. Slack for
. Twitter for velocity
. Analog tools for serendipity

What is yours?

How about yourself? Which personal routines have you used lately to recalibrate, review and refine your work / learning practices?

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