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I am a word person and books lover. From my Clifton Strengths 34 themes personal report:

“1. Learner

By nature, you absorb all sorts of information from books, publications, or other written materials. You display a voracious — that is, never fully satisfied — appetite for knowledge.

You devour the written word to savor useful facts. For you, a great day is one during which you have added new insights to your mind’s storehouse of ideas.

Because of your strengths, you treasure books and other publications because they are rich sources of information. You regard the written word as a gateway to a vast world of new ideas. Your quest to interpret events, grasp facts or understand concepts appears limitless.

Frequently you read to broaden your perspective on very familiar as well as altogether unfamiliar topics.”

Spot on. Resonating louder.

Fiction. Non-fiction. Visual books. Business books. French ones. International ones. Bring them on!

Here is below why I am reading and will read over this Summer and beyond.


On va déguster : la France par François-Régis Gaudry

The Creative Habits by Twyla Tharp

The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin @liu_cixin

The Dip by Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog

Perpetual Beta 2020 by Harold Jarche @hjarche

The Sniper Mind by David Amerland HT @simbeckhampson

Technology vs Humanity by Gerd Leonhard @gleonhard

Le voyage inversé par Philippe Studer & Eric Lemaire

Timekeepeers by Simon Garfield

Into the Savage Country by Shannon Burke

The things you can see only when you slow down by Haemin Sunim @haeminsunim

Will read again

Quiet by Susan Cain @susancain

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Guide des égarés de Jean d’Ormesson

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian

Buddha in Blue Jeans by Tai Sheridan

Why leaders need Generalists by Arnold Beekes @ArnoldBeekes

The Neo-Generalist by Kenneth Mikkelsen & Richard Martin @KenHMikkelsen @_richard_martin / reviewed and mentioned in it

Digital Habitats by Nancy White, Etienne Wenger & John D. Smith @NancyWhite @etiennewenger

Will read

The Blindspots Between Us by Gleb Tsipursky

Shame by Jillian Reilly @changingview

The joy of movement by Kelly McGonigal @kellymcgonigal

How to speak machine by John Maeda @johnmaeda

Nudge by Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein

The Brave New Text by Theodora Petkova @TheodoraPetkova

The Elemental Workplace by Neil Usher  @workessence HT @dr_rattray

Social Physics by Alex Pentland @alex_pentland HT @dr_rattray

Figuring by Maria Popova @brainpicker

Together is better by Simon Sinek @simonsinek

The Half-Drowned King by Linnea Hartsuyker @linneaharts

Now You See It by Cathy N. Davidson @CathyNDavidson

The Nature of the Future by Marina Gorbis @mgorbis

Immersive learning by Koreen Pagano @KoreenPagano

Resilience by Andrew Zolli @andrew_zolli

On the map by Simon Garfield

What does your cornucopia of books looks like?

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