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This is what caught my attention on week 32 of 2020.

Learning & DJing

“Online learning should be fast, fun, crazy, unplanned, and inspirational. It should be provided by people who are more like DJs than television producers. It should move and swim, be ad hoc and on the fly. I wish educators could get out of their classroom mindsets and actually go out and look at how the rest of the world is doing online learning.” — @oldaily

DJs are doing so all the time on their turntables. Curating old and brand new gems from many genres and ambiences. Mixing them to create new sets to energize people with scratches or not. Making them fun to share what they love on platforms or just live and direct. Check out this terrific ‘1978 challenge‘ with DJ Pone and other DJs.

How about doing so for workplace learning and in any field/profession?

Like DJs are you playing, growing and learning with your learning crew in the modern world?

“What we often lack is not the resources to learn, but an intent to learn. The discipline to pursue learning in a structured way. The openness to look “beyond the syllabus” and identify topics that truly resonate with us. The courage to put ourselves out there to learn with others virtually. The motive force of execution in bringing our learning to the service of others.” — @tnvora

Leading & Rebalancing

Podcasts are one of my ways to keep learning with stellar actionable insights from interesting people around the world. Lately, I have listened to the podcast ‘Pass The Mic’ hosted by @VirginieG on the topic ‘How Can We Increase Creativity by Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine Traits Within Us‘.

“Thank you @RemakingManhood and @jfnoubel for sharing your journey as a man and how rebalancing masculinity and femininity within each of us can increase our creativity and leadership skills. A much needed discussion to disrupt our gender bias and reduce our own anxiety.” — @VirginieG

It made me resurfaced a Twitter thread I had with learning partners in my network on the same topic.

What do the nowness and futures of leadership look like?

Caring & Engaging

“Continuing to research on the differences between communities of practice and communities of innovation. The latter seems to be more relevant for today’s workplaces. I know that the majority of my work is learning now (& creating) but I’m doing that on my own NOT in a community” — @ActivateLearn 


“How do I get my hands on this paper?” — @ActivateLearn


@rotanarotana: Yeah, I stumbled upon CoI because of the question of what was the output/outcome of participation in communities? I am a member of some & I derive personal benefit of learning and connection but what are we all solving together?” — @ActivateLearn

I have also mumbled as I am actively engaged within a few communities globally. Bringing my strategic engagement to care, grow and change one interaction at a time. Doubling down on humanity and virtual peer support in turbulent times.

Historically coffee/tea houses in cities or salons in Vienna and Paris existed to foster and enable serendipity, synchronicity and cross-pollination. Does all of that disappear? How is that?

Going off the social grids.

Will be back when I will be ready to do so.

Stay tuned.

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