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What caught my attention during weeks 34 and 35 of 2020.


“As long as the mind is moving, it is unable to accurately reflect the various aspects of the external world, just as a warped mirror cannot reflect objects as they really R. Accordingly, we cannot expect clear judgment fm an agitated mind.” — Zen: The Authentic Gate HT @KevinRose

As David Amerland tweeted to us:

“The internal world controls everything. Great share!”

To synchronize our inner world with the outer world it takes willingness, efforts, observation and patience, methinks.


“Let me be clear – to harness exponentially expanding opportunities, we need to come together. If we act alone, we’ll only achieve a small fraction of the potential available to us. By coming together, we’ll be much more likely to overcome our fear and find the courage to move beyond our edges and achieve much more of our potential.” — @jhagel HT @tolja

What we are exploring and experimenting with the 21st Century Explorers Community.

How do you navigate uncertainty?

“The complexity of the situation means that two important values, creativity and flexibility, have to be rescued at personal and community level.” — @DoctorCasado

Diversity Exposure

“Expose yourself to #diversity. One key competence to adapt to the #nextnormal and transform to the new way to work: Listen. Listen to your weak ties. Get out of your closed teams environment. Build and use the human sensor network. Good advice by @elsuaat #IOMS20” — @alecmcint

It can also be through the arts. Have you watched the movie ‘Black Panther‘?

Reviewing the movie for Slate, the writer Jamelle Bouie credited Mr. Boseman with imbuing the comic-book hero with “both regal confidence and real vulnerability.”

Audiences were even more enthusiastic. Joyful armies of fans participated in special outings and repeated viewings. Many came to theaters dressed in African-inspired clothing and accessories, often using a greeting from the film, “Wakanda forever,” as a convivial rallying cry.” The New York Times

Brevity & Clarity

“We know that we are ready to share our knowledge when we can explain it simply. This often takes many attempts. Making ideas as simple as possible, but no more, takes time and practice. As French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, commented about a letter he wrote, “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” Brevity and clarity are skills to be developed over time.” — @hjarche

Challenging. Using more and more visual thinking and synthesizing to do so.


We are learning with different approaches, right?

3Es: Education, Experience, Engagement HT @MichelleOckerz

Plus 3Rs: Reflect, Rewind, Refresh.

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