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What caught my attention for weeks 39 and 40.

Falling Masks

“Leaders, who dare to let their guard down and keep an open mind, are less fearful than those in rusty armours hiding behind the words of no, wait and maybe tomorrow.” — Kenneth Mikkelsen

Things We Know To Be True From Studio A3R

I heard an inspirational conversation on global citizenship and sensemaking with Josie Gibson and Jennifer Sertl. Working on ourselves and being supported by our ecosystem. Sense of interconnectedness and detaching from busyness.

There is the value of conversational learning and salons. Tune in in this podcast.

Revisiting cooperation

“Working cooperatively requires a different mindset than merely collaborating on a defined project. Being cooperative means being open to others outside your group. It also requires the casting-off of business metaphors based on military models (target markets, chain of command, strategic plans, line & staff). Cooperation is how we will find a vaccine for Covid-19.” — Harold Jarche

Reinventing Organizational Learning — Towards Transformative Learning

“Thinking about the role of learning as part of the response to the #Covid19 pandemic, the big shifts we see are from intended to emergent learning and from training to ongoing learning. These shifts will likely remain into the future. See this by @sahana2802” — Helen Bevan

A Conversation of Change on Exploratory Leadership

How do we bring our whole self and leverage our creative self while exploring and not knowing? Why? What drives us?

What does experiential learning look like? Tune in—stellar actionable insights from Celine Shillinger, Jennifer Frahm and Jillian Reilly.

The Future of Business

“The Future Is Already Here

It’s a fact that we don’t really know the future until it’s arrived. And when it does, it always appears unevenly distributed, as William Gibson mentioned.

The reason for this lies in the way the future actually appears: through start-and-stop progress, innovation, local disasters, systemic crashes and global disasters. Evolution is always messy and it is always painful and we are never motivated to do anything for very long until it presents a transition from a painful moment we experience in the present to a less painful one we can experience in the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has levelled the playing field. We are all now in a world of hurt (so to speak) in which we experience helplessness and discomfort in virtually equal measure if in varying degrees of severity. This has accelerated everything. Nothing will again be quite the same.” — David Amerland

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