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I share what caught my attention from my network and beyond.

2021 will bring the Great American Pivoting by Gerd Leonhard

“(…) Americans will always pioneer at pretty much any cost; they will always look for something newer, faster and better, and they will probably never cease to ‘explore new frontiers’. We should never underestimate American ingenuity.” 

Visible by Julie Drybrough

“I see others dance with Improv in very different ways to my ludding side steps. It can bring them inspiration, unlock creativity, confidence, locate words or actions they forgot they had. I love watching those who are an open channel, willing and able to jump in with an idea, an experiment, I love their lightness, their playfulness, their deftness in the moment. I’m all admiration and envy…”

John Muir on the Calm Assurance of Autumn as a Time of Renewal and Nature as a Tonic for Mental and Physical Health by Maria Popova

“In another fragment from his Yosemite notebook bearing the heading “Indian Summer,” in a sentiment Colette would echo generations later in her soulful meditation on the splendor of autumn and the autumn of life as a beginning rather than a decline, Muir reflects on the singular, counterintuitive life-affirmation of autumn:

“In the yellow mist the rough angles melt on the rocks. Forms, lines, tints, reflections, sounds, all are softened, and although the dying time, it is also the color time, the time when faith in the steadfastness of Nature is surest… The seeds all have next summer in them, some of them thousands of summers, as the sequoia and cedar. In the holiday array all go calmly down into the white winter rejoicing, plainly hopeful, faithful… everything taking what comes, and looking forward to the future, as if piously saying, “Thy will be done in earth as in heaven!”

What Covid-19 does to your decision-making? by David Amerland

  • “Improve your selective memory. Focus on what is important not on what is catching your attention. Consider in our driving analogy, earlier in this article, what would happen if instead of focusing on the importance of braking lights coming on ahead we instead focused on picking out the different colours of the cars around us. Both the braking lights and the colours of the vehicles around us are information that exists in the real world which we mine through our senses. Only one piece of information will help us stay alive in the motorway and the colour of the cars around us ain’t it.

  • Recharge your brain. Use the sniper trick of changing sensory pathways to experience the environment so that you can recharge. Turn off the news for a while. Immerse yourself in your favourite music. Play a video game or read your favourite book again. Do something that will transport you, for a short while, away from the world of uncertainty and anxiety that we all experience at the moment.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a huge problem. There is no denying this fact. But in order for us to still be here after the pandemic has gone we need to actively take charge of our mental, physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Holistic Health by moi

“We are a community of organisms and a network of processes that labor under the illusion of an individual ‘in charge’ of their actions, choices and thoughts. Consider this for a moment as you go through this very thoughtful read.” — David Amerland

Complexity Rules by Harold Jarche

“We have to watch for and comprehend connections and the flows of ideas and knowledge. It’s a complex, entangled world we live in, even though the past century was an attempt to ignore this. We can’t do that any longer.”

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