Mapping Our Learning Ways

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Mapping our learning ways

How do we learn? It matters. It helps us to be aware of the ways and which we know and practises daily to grow. To perform better and improve ourselves continuously.

Often the focus is on education: homework to do on our own and with other students at school. Sometimes discussions are done in the classroom. But, in the workplace, it is barely the same. Another way to learn is by doing the water cooler or chatting during a remote or in-person meeting.

How about reflection? How about reviews? How about keeping up with what’s new and outside the organisation?

The 70:20:10 model brought by the 70:20:10 Institute helps evaluate how much time, effort and routines we spend on the 3Es: Education, Experience, Exposure.

I am convinced that:

Education = Learning on our own – going deep on a topic or many ones through courses, programs, books, podcasts, videos, guides, how-to.

Experience = Learning by doing – projects, playing with new tools, approaches, practices.

Exposure = Learning by engaging with teams, networks or communities = Engagement.

The 3Es are supercharged by the 3Rs: Rewind, Reflect, Refresh.

Rewind = Stepping back on thinking, doing and engaging.

Reflect = Stepping back by writing, visualising or capturing by audio or video the insights from learnings.

Refresh = Stepping back by updating the 3Es and 3Rs of our Learning Operating System.

How do we map our learning ways?

Learning Concierge helps and supports individuals and organisations to take responsibility for their continuous self-improvement and development. By providing personal and responsive advice mapped to best-in-class practices, individuals can find new ways to overcome workplace performance issues. Discover smarter ways of learning, get ahead, win the race.


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