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Roads, Engagement & Community

“The challenge then is about change. How do you get all the pieces fitting so individuals are being their best, and a group moves forward (literally in the case of motorbike rides).

A lot has to do with the individuals in the organisations, the groups, the companies, but the overall systems and structure has to support them.

It’s embarrassing to be ‘different’, one of the slower riders, but it’s also mentally about the psychological space to be that, and then in practice as you grow and develop your skills, eventually becoming one of the people who pays it forward and passes it on to other new riders, who are where you were.” Trish Wilson


“The art of innovation and design is striking the right balance between divergence and convergence. There’s a right time to open the aperture wider to welcome all ideas and a time to converge and align around shared ideas to make progress.” Saul Kaplan


“project selection; does this work align with our culture? does this partner align with our culture? will this project further our culture?” — Joyce Raby


“Some, perhaps most, communities are simply there and available to members when they need them. In these communities, you look at the culture, the speed of response, the empathy of the response and work to improve each. You refine rules and nurture new social norms with top members. You develop systems to get faster responses. You work to help each person feel safe sharing parts of themselves they can’t anywhere else.

You might measure a satisfaction rating via a pop-up poll or survey every 6 months to a sample of members.

Ultimately, remember the engagement paradox here:

The engagement paradox.

Everyone wants more engagement, except community members.

Alignment is harder than it looks.” — Richard Millington


“Focus on groups rather than individuals.

Agile collectives, networks, communities create today as much value, if not more, than “high potential” individuals and traditionally-structured groups (hierarchies, project teams, reporting lines). How do you take them into account, and provide HR enablement & support? Is your service shaped by your HR Information Systems architecture? If yes, what can you do to expand your awareness? (Hints: get involved in some communities yourself. Get active on your enterprise social network, and not just in the HR community group).” Céline Schillinger

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.


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