Shift to Communities

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Shift to Communities

I examine technology while using McLuhan tetrad. Below is my take on one technology: social media.

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“We are only at the beginning stages. We still have a chance, AND a choice, to make it through while helping organisations understand the shift we very much need to make towards becoming #DigitalFirst and adapt accordingly.”

“(…) After 20+ years of working distributedly, relying on social, digital tools to connect, learn, share and collaborate with my peers in order to get work done more effectively, I know where I stand. Do you?” — Luis Suarez (@elsua)


“I am finding that my deeper conversations are in these communities and not some much on consumer social media platforms” — Harold Jarche 


“Community leadership is the future of all leadership.” — Rachel Happe


“Communities are the connectors between diverse networks and work teams. They are essential. We all need an inner circle.” — Harold Jarche

You may also be interested in the tetrads on the effects of audio and video.

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.