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Women in Tech Webinar INSEAD Accenture


I attended a TECH TALK X Women in Tech this week with Lucy Cooper – Head of Innovation, Accenture Europe and INSEAD.

“Lucy will share her deep expertise in nurturing growth mindsets, scaling experimentations and developing breakthrough digital products, services and business models. She is also a standout champion for women’s issues, an advocate and mentor for women in technology. Learn from Lucy’s formidable journey from setting up a digital fundraising platform for Y Combinator in Silicon Valley to advising leading clients in Europe on how to transform and innovate by combining disruptive technologies with new business models. The webinar is hosted by Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean of INSEAD.”

Click below on each theme to read my notes.

Give and lose trust, not earn. Do the company have your back when you work – the whole experience – and even when you are outside the office hours?

Leadership is about perseverance. Leaders need to be in the arena, right beside me. Leaders practitioners. Learn about yourself as a leader.

Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset with her book ‘Mindset’ – curiosity + courage = top things to have and toughest to do as innovators shakers while having integrity in mind to progress. Trying + learning + progressing with XYZ boss/organization/team.

Learning culture is having curiosity time, low ego, humility, and podcast walking; Worth reading: Tim Ferris’s book: Tools of Titans.

Innovation can include product, strategy, business model design, core business improvement/delivery, and executive change management. What is your innovation agenda? What do you define? What’s the output? Ask questions to know more about the organization’s needs.

Consulting: not settling with the status quo. The on-the-job learning experience with large portfolios and sectors.

“If you aren’t fixing the problem, you are breaking it.”

Solve the problems with all the voices: men and women at the table. Inclusion: enables anyone to speak + Equity: on the same level to contribute + Diversity: sounds the same and different as you, not just look like you. Inclusiveness. Drive cognitive diversity. Work on cognitive bias.

Industry X = Manufacturing futures with automation, AI & data. Just think of how the vaccines came out. Game-changers to watch out for Lucy: suppliers and energy in the Nordics, L’Oréal. Life science industry: illness, health to treat better people. All those organizations put data at the core of everything they do.

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