2 Powerful Questions For Reflection

2 powerful questions for reflection horses riding bagnas

After I got back from vacation, this week of recalibration was interesting while engaging one conversation at a time in social networks. Questions trigger deep, meaningful connections and conversations. Below are two questions that you may consider mulling over as well.

The Power of Marinating Ourselves While Travelling

“The word, “marinate” describes exactly what happens when one travels. My Dad is a traveler and calls himself a “citizen of the world”. He has always been a walker, and that’s how I like to soak in the sights and sounds of a new place. It is in the streets where a city lives, where it’s people are; not in a museum or a tourist spot. My favourite way to really hug a city is to enjoy a quiet hour or two in whatever is the city’s version of a central, accessible, public park.

What is your favourite thing to do when traveling? How do you learn the culture of a place? How do you “marinate your head”?”

Taruna Goel

A Linkedin post I published this week triggers a conversation with Taruna and those questions she shared. As always, such an inspiring insight and experience not only from her but from her father, too.

The Power of Weak Ties in Social Networks

“Q for those who have worked remotely for a long time in bigger teams: How do you keep in contact with distant colleagues? Those with whom you don’t need to interact for work? What do you do to not forget them or be forgotten by them?” 

Big thanks to my friend and learning partner, Luis Suarez (@elsua), for sharing this question, thoughts and insights in his Linkedin post. I highly recommend you dive into the comments to read thoughts and actionable insights from Luis network. This gem from Luis I preserve over here caught my attention:

“Right on, Rotana Ty! And all in all, always thinking in the long-term and over the years. That’s one of the key aspects people tend to forget from social networks and online communities. They are not an overnight ‘project’ but a lifetime investment.

You know when you start, but it never ends one conversation at a time. At a different pace, enjoying and savouring that #SlowSocial mood, it’s the most powerful opportunity to invest in one’s personal business relationship(s), because you never know when you’re going to need them next, right? 😉 heh”

Luis Suarez
2 powerful questions for reflection horses riding bagnas

Photo shot by my brother while riding in Bagnas, the nature reserve of Agde, by bike this Summer

The Power of Scaling Engagement

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