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I share what has caught my attention lately. Enjoy.

“Updating VUCA (V:olatile, U:ncertain, C:omplex, A:mbiguous) to BANI (B:rittle, A:nxious, N:on-linear, I:ncomprehensible): “Brittleness could be met by resilience and slack. Anxiety can be eased by empathy and mindfulness. Nonlinearity would need context and flexibility. Incomprehensibility asks for transparency and intuition.” — Jamais Cascio (2020) Further interpreted by Stephan Grabmeier HT Mara Hermano” — John Maeda


“Still Hanging In There” — Marcus John Henry Brown


“Culture — no matter how defined — is singularly persistent.” — Peter Drucker

Meanwhile, a large segment of the population just wants to ‘get back to normal’. But we cannot go back to where we were. It no longer exists.” — Harold Jarche


“Building urgent optimism is like following a string out of a labyrinth. You’re taking all these twists and turns. You’ve got your radar up, so you’re going to hear about weird new risks. You’re going to hear about cool new uses. And I like to think it’s essentially a process of opening your mind.” Jane McGonigal

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