3 nudges for growing

nudge se développer develop yourself flowers

3 nudges for growth.

But first of all, what did you say? Nudge? What is nudge?

Nudge: what is it?

“In English it means ‘nudge’, that little gesture you make to encourage someone to pay attention to what they’re about to say or do.

In French it would be translated as “coup de pouce“.

Applied to economics, it means a small intervention in our environment that modifies the mechanisms of choice, i.e. people’s behaviour, to influence them in a direction that better corresponds to their own interest or to the general interest.”  France Culture

Here are three nudges shared by my international network to help you grow.

Nudge #1 for growing: get away from your desk 🖥️

Find out what Jenny Weigle, independent strategic consultant for online communities, does.

“I hear it from just about every one of my clients. “I’m burnt out.” Or “I’m so sick of virtual.” Or “I know it’s important, but I just don’t have any time to think on this.”

I’ve felt these same sentiments at one time or another over the last year, which is why I knew I needed something to benefit my mental health and productivity. Want to know what I did to improve things? I chose to walk away from my desk.*


Affordable Change-It-Up Day Ideas

  • Work from home? Do you know someone else near you who also works from home? Arrange a day to invite that person to work from your home, sharing the living room, dining room, or outdoor space. And then next month, go to that person’s home.
  • In short, you’re creating your own coworking environment without all the costs of going to a coworking space.
  • Grab a notebook and pen and take yourself to your favorite hike or park.
  • Find a place where you can sit and reflect on a work issue, and take note of your thoughts and any action steps.
  • Go for a drive. Turn on a relevant podcast, or a reflective playlist, and see where the road (and your mind) takes you.” — Jenny Weigle

What is Change-It-Up Day? Jenny writes:

“It is not a replacement for seeking serious mental health help, nor will it make all of your worries go away. It IS a welcome and necessary break that, so far, has already proven to feed my brain and provoke my curiosity. That’s exactly what I need these days.”

Your turn. How do you give yourself a break?

I try to be like a forest: revitalizing and constantly growing.” — Forest Whitaker #Cannes2022

nudge se développer develop yourself flowers

A photo I took during a walk in Oslo, Norway.

You may also enjoy my oldie on navigating knowledge flows.

Nudge #2 for growing: instigating climate change🌍

I’ve discovered the Carbon Almanac, “the powerful tool to help us create change, right here and right now”, thanks to a LinkedIn live hosted by Seth Godin and Cat Barnard, co-owner of Working the future.

Cat is also a fellow seeker from the Perpetual Beta Coffee Club. We engage monthly over a coffee chat with other community members.

I found fascinating and highly valuable the work that this global community did through the release of a book.

I intend to read and resources I look forward to digging into. As I am  teacher for an apprenticeship school since September, I also consider using those resources and the educator’s guide with apprentices.

As put on the website:

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

Nudge #3 for growing: working online & thinking out loud 👥

Online, asynchronous, and transparent work not only captures knowledge better than meetings, it increases flexibility and suits many peoples’ needs/preferences #SocialNow” — @rhappe


Instead of just working out loud, I encourage reflecting and thinking out loud, which is something I do regularly #SocialNow” — @rhappe

You may also enjoy this post by Gaylin Jee on hybridity in which there are five pointers/questions to trigger conversation on the present of work.

Nudge for growing – Future Skills

Did you enjoy the post? Check out Future Skills.

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