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Winter is around the corner, as well as the end of the year.

“In the middle of winter, I discovered in myself an invincible summer” ― Albert Camus


“There is one month left in the year. Most people are ready to coast to the finish line, but one good month can make the whole year feel like a success.

What can you do in the next 30 days to build momentum and finish the year on a high note?” ― James Clear

This thought from James Clear’s newsletter at the beginning of December makes me think. It also nudges me to do a retrospective or futurespective of the year 2022 that has passed and flew by. What about you?

Latest Learnings

With our strategy consulting team, we keep learning about current and relevant topics to create value with our clients and partners.

Visual Communication

“From this perspective, personalized interior design is a marketing tool for customers, prospects, partners and employees. It inspires confidence and seriousness and helps distinguish the company’s physical site from its competitive environment.” ― Les Echos Solutions

It’s part of the employee experience and corporate branding, workplace design and the future/present of work.

Business Management

“Conversely, managing in the digital age is about enabling staff to bring value to customers. Making money is the outcome of a business model, not its goal.

Horizontal interactions are just as important as vertical communications. Leadership is present throughout the company and continuous innovation is central.” ― Forbes France

Please read about my observations and insights from my network on leadership and beyond: communityship.

The Duality of Agility

“Hence it may be helpful to think of small “a” agile as an adjective and big “A” Agile as a noun; bearing in mind that big “A” Agile might also be used as an adjective to describe a person, place or thing that adopts the methodology.

Regardless, some of our peers rail against Agile as a redundant neologism. As with other trends such as Design Thinking, they argue it’s merely old world practices repackaged in a new box. It’s what we’ve always done and continue to do as consummate professionals.

But I politely challenge those folks as to whether it’s something they really do, or rather it’s something they know they should do.

If a new box helps us convert best practice into action, I’m a fan.” ― Ryan Tracey

Indeed, “Agile” is a state of mind, a set of beliefs, principles, practices, processes and tools for thinking and doing. As part of our continuous learning, we are in constant development, iteration and reflection.

Upskilling & Deskilling

Community Fundamentals

“Explore the fundamentals of online community management through this eight-session course. Perfect for those new to the field of online community management, or anyone looking to brush up on the foundations of community.

This course includes eight sessions, with associated quizzes and worksheets, covering these topics:

  • Community Management Definitions
  • Community Strategy
  • Community Technology
  • Community Personas
  • Community Content and Programs
  • Kickstarting Online Engagement
  • Building Community Value
  • Measurement and Reporting

This course is designed for professionals working with both internal (employee) and external (brand, marketing, and support) community types.” ― TheCR Academy

As a community builder, I keep developing my skills after my activations and certifications with the Community Roundtable Academy last year. Stay tuned for my next shares on my learnings from this certified course.

Why organizations don’t learn?

“And at a core level, the Fundamental Attribution Error (i.e. it’s probably not about or directed at you)” ― Rachel Happe

How do you develop your learnability skills now?

The role of reflection when students cooperate

“Thus, the systematic request for feedback on each session, involving reflection on specific points, has made it possible to establish a dialogue between teacher and students: the course itself becomes in a way a cooperative task. By agreeing to question themselves and to remain attentive to their students’ needs, the teacher who asks for feedback thus shows the model of the skills expected in group work.”― Élise Cantiran

Peer-to-peer evaluation and agile cooperation to continue learning together. I explore this through my work as a learning designer, trainer, and workshop host with an apprentice school.

“Too little confidence, and you are unable to act. Too much trust, and you are unable to hear.”― John Maeda

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